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No one can predict a medical emergency, more so a dental one. When facing a serious dental emergency, you require emergency dental care. You need the attention of an emergency dentist to ensure the maintenance of your oral health.

The pain and discomfort associated with a knocked-out or a broken tooth are overwhelming. It is even more disheartening if you cannot find an emergency dentist to attend to you. If you are looking for a tooth extraction near me, contact us at 833-414-3355. Our professionals will quickly find a dentist near you who offer emergency tooth extractions.

24-Hour Emergency Tooth Extraction Services Near Me

If you are searching for a “24-hour emergency tooth extraction dental service near me” then you are at the right place. We ensure that you get 24/7 professional dental service near your home. You can rest assured that after contacting us, you will get urgent dental treatment.

We waste no precious time in helping our clients find accredited dentists near them. After calling our number 833-414-3355, we always schedule an appointment with an emergency dental office for you. Our highly trained specialists will walk with you to ensure you get quality dental solutions near your home area.

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What Is an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

An urgent extraction is needed if a tooth must be removed within a 24-48 hours duration. The extraction process involves severe pain and massive breaks that can put a patient’s life at risk. In most cases, a dentist will try to save the tooth. Sometimes the dentist can succeed, but, in some cases, they have to remove the tooth.

Given that tooth removal requires immediate care, having an emergency dentist on speed dial is a wise idea. If you have a challenge finding an urgent dental care service near you, call us at 833-414-3355. We will find you a reliable dental professional near you within no time.

Types of Emergency Tooth Extractions?

Simple Extraction

When a tooth is extensively damaged such that filling, root canal, or crowing cannot be done, a simple extraction is done. The extraction is done on a tooth that is visible in the mouth. Using an instrument called an elevator, a dentist raises the tooth. Then uses forceps to pull it out.

Surgical Tooth Extraction

If a tooth breaks near your gum or is yet to come out in the mouth, surgical tooth extraction is recommended. An oral surgeon conducts the complex procedure by making an incision into the gum. The surgeon, depending on the condition of the tooth, removes the tooth either as a whole or in pieces.

Impacted Tooth Emergency Extraction

In some instances, you may have a partially erupted tooth. Consequently, the impacted tooth has to be removed to avoid serious dental incidences. To remove the tooth, an oral surgeon makes an incision into the gum. This creates a flap. The impacted tooth is then pulled out through the flap.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth eruption can create dental problems if you lack adequate space in your jaw. This leads to the wisdom teeth pushing other teeth out of their way. In addition, the erupting tooth may get stuck under the gums. The resulting pain can be unbearable.

If you are feeling any wisdom tooth pain, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our professional team will ensure that you get a same-day appointment for immediate attention. We will connect you to a well-trained and accredited dental practitioner.

An oral surgical professional may recommend wisdom teeth surgical extraction to prevent compromising your dental well-being. This is mainly the case if an x-ray shows that you have an impacted wisdom tooth stuck below your gum.

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Common Questions Regarding Same Day Tooth Extraction Near Me

How Does Urgent Tooth Extraction Occur?

If you have an unerupted tooth, a surgeon may recommend its urgent extraction. The dentist starts with an x-ray to make an accurate examination. The dentist then gives you an anesthetic injection.

The injection numbs your tooth and surrounding tissues during the dental procedure, ensuring that you feel no pain. The oral surgeon then cuts into your gum to pull out the embedded tooth.

Is Emergency Tooth Extraction Painful?

After your tooth is extracted, you may feel pain. However, the degree of pain may vary. If a lot of tissues were damaged during the extraction, you might feel considerable pain. If you develop an infection after the procedure, you may feel considerable pain.

Will I Bleed After Emergency Extraction?

Bleeding is a normal occurrence after removal. If bleeding persists, however, you should seek immediate medical attention. After extraction, your dentist will give you a gauze. Gently biting the gauze stops bleeding. Exerting pressure on your gap helps your blood clot.

What’s the Healing Time after Extraction?

The average healing period is two weeks. Within this period, your gap fills in. Your gum and bone usually grow again during this period.

What is the Cost of Emergency Tooth Extraction?

If you lack dental insurance, an urgent extraction may cost you an average of $600. However, the prices may vary depending on the type and condition of your tooth. The prices are exclusive of dental examinations or x-ray used to diagnose your impacted tooth.

If, after extraction, your gap develops an infection, you may need additional medications, such as antibiotics. This may upset the average dental costs.

Why Call Us for Urgent Tooth Extraction Referral Service?

Our service is available 24/7. We understand dental emergencies can happen at unexpected moments. With us, you can be assured of finding a dental professional near you that offers same-day appointments.