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Our Mission

At Team Emergency Dental, our mission is to help you get quality dental care in your moment of need. We have a toll-free helpline that you can call at 1 (833) 414-3355.

This helpline is open every day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. It is available even on weekends and public holidays.

We have built extensive networks with dental practices and dentists in Philadelphia and across the USA. Our database is comprehensive and expanding at a fast-paced rate. It consists of walk-in dentists, root canal specialists, oral dental surgeons, and emergency orthodontists. It also includes emergency dentists, dentists open on weekends, and other dental professionals.

Our specialists are courteous, professional, well-trained, and experienced. They will help you find an emergency dentist near you who can address your dental emergency. They leverage their competence and experience in linking patients with dental professionals.  They can also help you book an emergency appointment.

Our Service Commitment

We prioritize the patient’s health, well-being, and satisfaction over profits. We offer our patients unparalleled customer service. Our specialists are always on standby to answer calls.

These specialists are U.S.-based professionals. They can differentiate non-emergency dental problems from emergency ones. They can quickly set up a same-day appointment with an open dental office near the patient.

We ensure our patients have access to quality dental care, no matter their financial situation. We keep matching those with and without dental insurance with the right dentist for their situation.

We believe that compassionate and trusting relationships are instrumental in the healing process. As such, we are always looking for a chance to cultivate and develop trust while interacting with our patients. We nurture trust through quality work, compassion, and acknowledging our mistakes. We also conduct ourselves with integrity.

Our Core Values

We perform our work with high professionalism, confidence, and dedication. We constantly seek to give our patients the best. In line with that, we continuously expand our team of specialists and partner dentists. We also constantly update our website with factual, evidence-supported information.

We handle our patients with respect and honor. We value and constantly strive to understand the cultural diversity of our staff members and clients. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone feels honored.

Nothing excites us more than helping you live a comfortable, healthy, pain-free life. Call our toll-free hotline for immediate assistance if you or your loved one requires emergency dental care. We will partner you with a local emergency dentist within no time.

We respect your privacy. Please read our updated privacy policy here.