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Accidents occur regardless of careful planning and preparation. The same applies to dental trauma and emergencies. Dental emergencies in the Tucson area include severe, throbbing toothache and gums bleeding. They also include abscesses and mouth injuries. Seeking immediate treatment for these problems prevents them from causing permanent damage.

How do you find a Tucson emergency dentist in your hour of need? That’s where our reliable referral service comes in. Call our helpline 888-771-4655 for prompt assistance. We will promptly partner you with a nearby Tucson emergency dentist that can provide emergency dental care.

Tucson Emergency Dental Care

We have done all the necessary research for you. We have located all 24-hour dentists, walk-in clinics, and after-hours dentists in Tucson, AZ. Our list includes competent and background-checked dentistry professionals. All of them are recognized members of reputable associations and societies like the American Dental Association. 

We have gone ahead to cultivate meaningful connections with these dentistry clinics and professionals. That means we can give you a credible list of emergency dental services close to your Tucson home. We can even schedule emergency dental visits and same-day appointments with an open urgent dental office for you.

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A Dental Emergency: What is It?

A dental emergency falls into two categories: true dental emergencies and urgent dental conditions. A true emergency constitutes any potentially life-threatening dental issues. They include:

  • Excessive uncontainable bleeding
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Broken jaw
  • A quickly spreading abscess,
  • Severe oral trauma

If you are experiencing any of the above concerns in Tucson, AZ, seek urgent dental care as fast as you can.

As the name suggests, urgent dental conditions are problems that require immediate attention. The immediate treatment helps eliminate the pain and discomfort as well as avoid irreversible damage. These conditions, however, are not a threat to your life. They include:

  • Unbearable toothache
  • Broken teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Wisdom tooth infection
  • Localized gum swelling
  • Crown restoration
  • And more.

What are the Warning Signs of Dental Emergencies in Tucson?

Severe Tooth Pain

An excruciating toothache or oral pain indicates an oral health problem. Symptoms of most dental conditions remain undetected until the damage gets to the nerve tissue. Visit an urgent care clinic as soon as you start experiencing uncontrollable tooth pain. An emergency dentistry expert can carry out diagnostic studies, such as x-rays, to gain a better understanding of your symptoms. The dentistry professional can then develop a personalized treatment plan to treat the problem and relieve your pain and suffering.

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Broken, Cracked, Chipped, and Knocked-Out Teeth

Accidents during contact sports and biting into hard substances are common reasons for dental injuries. These injuries include broken, cracked, chipped, split, and knocked-out teeth. See an urgent care dentist right away if you suffer any of these injuries.

The dentist will fix the damage and strengthen the tooth’s structure to avoid further complications. In case of a knocked-out tooth, a dentistry specialist will put it back into the socket and support it with reinforcements to allow the ligaments and bone tissue surrounding the tooth to heal.

Swelling or inflammation

Swelling in the gums, jaw bone, or cheek is a sign of an active infection. Don’t ignore the swelling even if you are not experiencing any pain. Swelling or inflammation can indicate a dental abscess, oral infection, and gum disease.


How Does an Emergency Tooth Extraction Work?

Your emergency dentist will try the level best to save your natural tooth. But if the tooth has suffered irreversible damage, an extraction becomes necessary. With today’s advanced dentistry technology, you don’t have to fear an emergency extraction.

Your dentistry specialist will use different tactics to make you feel comfortable before commencing the extraction process. Depending on the situation, he or she may apply a numbing cream on the tissue around the affected tooth or put you under local anesthesia. Next, he or she will use a simple or surgical method to extract the tooth.

In a simple extraction method, the tooth is removed from its socket by pushing it backward and forward with specialized instruments. In a surgical extraction method, an incision is made on the gum to reveal the tooth, and the tooth is removed by cutting it into pieces.

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Our referral service is available round the clock to help you get emergency care any time a dental issue arises. Contact us at 888-771-4655 for immediate referral to a Tucson urgent care dentist.

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