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Immediate Help in Identifying a 24-Hour Dentist in Columbus, OH

Dental problems are inevitable. Sooner or later, you will experience a toothache. The kids’ braces will come undone. You get broken dentures. Someone will get a cracked or broken tooth over the weekend.The unpredictable nature of these emergency cases calls on you to be always prepared. That’s why it pays to have the contacts of emergency dentists in Columbia at all times. Call us at 888-941-8655 to get the best referrals of where to go when faced with a dental emergency.

Why You Need Urgent Dental Care in Columbus, OH

Dental emergencies require immediate attention. This action helps to curtail the excruciating pain and prevent further damage. It is important to seek emergency dental care to stop uncontrollable bleeding and fast-spreading infections. Left unattended, these dental concerns can trigger life-threatening infections.  

Finding an Emergency Dentist in Columbus

In Columbus, many emergency dental care clinics provide same-day dental emergency services. These establishments operate at convenient hours to ensure you receive professional dental treatment any time of day or night. Some clinics remain open even during the holidays.

But with so many dental options available, how do you choose the right one for your unique needs? Team Emergency Dental exists to help you with just that.

We cut the time you are likely to spend searching for a Columbus emergency dentist by half. We direct you to the 24-hour dental clinic that will provide you with immediate relief.

 Our service refers you to dental care facilities that accept most, if not all, of the dental insurance plans. They can even arrange special payment options if you don’t have the necessary dental insurance plans.

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What to Look for in an Emergency Dental Clinic

Convenient Business Hours

Although there are dozens of emergency dental centers in Columbus, Ohio, not all of them have the ideal qualities to meet your expectations. It is in your best interest to liaise with a dental facility that operates at convenient hours.

The best emergency dental services clinics remain open for extended hours. They accept walk-ins. You don’t want a scenario where the emergency dentist you’ve chosen is unavailable when you need them most.  

Right Skills and Equipment

Search for a facility that has the expertise and equipment to provide comprehensive dental care services. Here, we’re talking about dental practices that specialize in varied dental procedures, such as fixing broken enamel and relieving dental pain caused by toothaches, emergency tooth extraction, root canals, and cosmetic dentistry all under one roof.

If you make the mistake of selecting a clinic that doesn’t have all these services, there’s a likelihood that you will be forced to keep on changing your dentists every other time you get a new emergency. Call us at 614-618-6699, and we’ll assist you in picking dental offices for your unique needs. 

Payment options accepted

The payment options accepted at the dental center are another crucial factor. Ideally, you’re interested in a facility that has ready provisions to accept several dental insurance covers.

Our staff will help connect you with transparent dentists. Some emergency dentists in Columbus, Ohio are notorious for including hidden charges to their patients. Don’t let yourself be caught off guard with a ballooned dental bill; let us book you a same-day appointment with a trustworthy dentist.

Emergency Hotline Number

You will want to engage an emergency dental professional that has a dedicated and functional hotline number. That way, you can always reach out to the professionals any time of day or night to get expedited dental consultations. Our staff carefully vets the leading dentists in Columbus, OH, to ascertain that they have working hotline numbers beforehand. 

What Causes Dental Emergencies?

Although the enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies, it is likely to get fractured or broken following severe trauma. Below are the leading causes of dental emergencies:

Accidents: Auto accidents and biking accidents are the leading causes of broken or dislodged teeth. Visit your nearest urgent dental care practice in Columbus, Ohio, to help restore your beautiful smile after a nasty accident. Alternatively, call us at 614-618-6699 so that we can help you find an emergency dentist in your Columbus area.

Sports Injuries: Contact sports pose a significant threat to the player’s dental formula. The participants need to put on protective mouth gear when playing sports like wrestling, football, or even baseball.

Gum Disease: Anomalies, such as dead teeth, discoloration, cavities, or even dental cracks, can easily become infected. This infection causes a buildup of abscesses, resulting in severe pain and discomfort. Don’t wait until it is too late.

How to Deal with a Dental Emergency

The surest reprieve for urgent dental conditions is to seek professional help immediately. Yes, you do have the option of taking over-the-counter pain killers to calm the pain before you get the best care treatment. But pain medications are just a temporary band-aid. Another short-term remedy involves gurgling warm water. 

Call us for accurate referrals of where to find a professional emergency dentist in Columbus. We can even reserve a same-day appointment with one of the available Columbus emergency dentists for you.

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