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A dental emergency can disrupt your life. It can bring your ability to perform everyday activities to a sudden stop. A severe tooth pain, for instance, can keep you from performing your work-related tasks. It can also prevent you from enjoying your favorite meal or having quality time with family or friends. That’s why emergency dental services are recommended anytime you experience a dental emergency.

Dental emergencies rarely strike during regular office hours (between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM). That means you need to find a Cincinnati dental professional when you are experiencing before- or after-hour dental concerns. The search process takes a lot of time and is often unsuccessful, especially if you do it yourself.

Fortunately, you can save valuable time if you use our referral service. We have an extensive list of walk-in clinics, weekend dentists, after-hour dentists, and emergency dentists in Cincinnati, OH. With just a single phone call to our 24/7 helpline 888-461-7274 we can instantly connect you with an available urgent care dentist.

A Dental Emergency in Cincinnati, Ohio: What Does it Constitute?

Severe pain and discomfort are the most common symptoms of a dental emergency. An accident or injury can cause a dental emergency. An underlying tooth infection or abscess can also cause a serious dental concern.

Dental problems rarely go away on their own. As such, you should make an immediate appointment with your emergency dental care specialist in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the onset of dental emergency symptoms. 

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When Should You Seek Emergency Dental Care in Cincinnati, OH?

  • You have a chipped or broken tooth.
  • You have a fever, nasty oral breath, strange taste in your mouth, swollen glands, and other common symptoms of dental abscess.
  • You are in severe pain.
  • You have injured your soft tissues with a sharp object. 
  • You are experiencing sudden tooth loss.
  • You have swollen gums, face, or jaw.
  • Your gums are bleeding after brushing or flossing. 
  • You have a lingering growth or sore in your mouth.

Temporary Relief Options for Dental Emergencies

You don’t have to endure unbearable pain and discomfort until one of the Cincinnati dentists can see you. You can take certain actions to get temporary relief from painful and uncomfortable symptoms of dental emergencies. Here are frequent emergency dental concerns and their temporary relief options: 

Severe, Throbbing Toothaches

Something simple as a warm saltwater rinse can help ease a toothache. Flossing can also prove helpful. These two solutions will work only if the source of your tooth pain is stuck food debris. If you are experiencing facial swelling and dental pain, put a cold compress on that area and gently apply pressure. 

Ensure you call a Cincinnati emergency dentist to arrange an emergency visit even as you try out these temporary relief options. Note that delaying treatment may worsen the issue. You may require otherwise unnecessary costly and aggressive treatment procedures due to your inaction. 

Broken, Chipped, or Cracked Tooth

A rinse with warm water can significantly reduce the pain associated with a chipped or broken tooth. Hold a cold compress over the injury site and apply pressure. Look for the tooth fragments, gather them carefully, and rinse them with warm water. Get emergency dental care from a nearby Cincinnati emergency dentist to improve the odds of a successful repair. 

Avulsed Permanent Tooth

An avulsed tooth happens when an impact or blow to the mouth dislodges a tooth from its socket. That description alone shows that an avulsed or knocked-out tooth can cause extreme pain and bleeding. Rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water can help clear out the blood and reduce pain. Putting a piece of gauze on the injury site can prevent further bleeding. 

Find the avulsed tooth and rinse it gently. Do not over-handle, over-clean, or touch the root. The goal is to keep the attached tissue intact for successful re-implantation. If possible, reinsert it into its vacant socket.

If impossible, put it in a cup of cold milk or water and carry it to your emergency dental clinic. The earlier you arrive at the clinic, the higher the likelihood of successful re-implantation. 

Dental Abscess and Canker Sores

A saltwater gargle can temporarily alleviate the pain and discomfort that often characterizes dental abscesses and canker sores. If the discomfort lingers, an over-the-counter painkiller should be the next option. 

Remember you are taking these actions before a 24-hour dentist can see you. They are not a substitute for seeking urgent dental care. Untreated dental abscesses are notorious for spreading to other teeth and sometimes main body organs.

Lost Filing

Start by scheduling an appointment with a Cincinnati emergency dentist. Get some OTC dental cement to cover the gap. Alternatively, cover the gap with sugar-free gum. Double-check the label of the gum to ensure its sugar-free, as sugar can worsen the pain if it gets into the cavity. 

Do Emergency Dentists in Cincinnati, OH, Charge More?

No. All our partner Cincinnati dentists charge competitive prices for their dental services. They do not adjust their charges based on when you need emergency dentistry services. 

Should You Visit A Nearby Emergency Room (ER) for A Toothache?

No. ER staff do not have the training and license to practice dentistry. Most ERs or urgent care facilities rarely have an on-call dental practitioner. An ER visit for a dental problem will mostly lead to a pain-relief and antibiotic medication prescription. The ER staff will advise you to see a dentist and give you a bill. 

The American Dental Association (ADA) advises dental patients to take their dental issues to dentist’s offices and clinics. Doing this eases pressure on local ERs. It allows them to focus all their resources on addressing medical emergencies. 

However, if you think an accident has caused further injuries beyond dental trauma, you may go to your local ER or urgent care center. This visit will allow the ER staff to detect and treat your physical injuries.  

Is your call to an emergency dentist in Cincinnati, OH, not going through? Or are you having trouble finding one near you? Calling us at 888-461-7274 can help you save valuable time. We’ll help you get quality dental care from a Cincinnati emergency dentist promptly. 

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