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There is no telling when a dental emergency may happen, leaving you in need of a Los Angeles emergency dentist. When you don’t have any good referrals or someone to call, you can count on our service to find the best emergency dental care. It operates around the clock, ensuring that your calls are picked up at any time. So, call 888-771-4655 to resolve all dental emergencies: sore and swollen gums, cracked teeth, dental pain, and more.

Broken or Chipped Tooth, Dental Pain, Don't Worry

You can count on our vast network of specialists when you need urgent dental care. You’ll enjoy the following benefits and conveniences:

  • Access to a full range of dental emergency services with one phone call;
  • Short wait times;
  • Effective pain management and pain-free procedures;
  • Precise diagnosis;
  • Highly-experienced team with a high success rate;
  • Outstanding facilities and friendly staff
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What qualifies for an emergency dental visit?

Not every dental case may warrant a call or visit to an emergency dentist. So, which issues need for a prompt visit to the dental office:

Broken or chipped teeth

The dentist may like to see you right away if you have any broken or chipped tooth causing extreme pain. That’s because the root pulp, along with the nerves, is exposed. But note that some fractures may be difficult to see or feel. That may cause you to feel pain after eating something cold or hot.

So, what will the dentist do? The emergency dentist will attempt to use dental cement to save the tooth, and if it doesn’t work, they may perform a root canal procedure to save the tooth.

Swollen gums or bleeding

There are several factors that may contribute to bleeding gums. An accumulation of plague or prolonged gum disease may cause gums to swell, and any irritation may make them bleed. As a first aid measure, you can halt the bleeding using gauze until you can see a dentist.

Dental Pain

Dental pain may originate from your gums or tooth. You may have a cavity that’s exposing your nerves. Even if you had a filling, decay could happen underneath it.

Over-the-counter pain medication may do little to dampen the pain. That is why you need the assistance of a dentist immediately. Dentists will not add to the discomfort. Instead, they will aim for a pain-free experience, for instance, using numbing gels, local anesthesia, or sleep denstry when performing root canal therapy, a procedure that involves removing the infected root pulp and nerves.

Lost dental crown

The dentist might have previously installed a dental crown to protect a cracked tooth that was still intact or after a root canal. The crown protects the tooth, but if it falls off, the tooth becomes susceptible to damage, sensitivity, pain, and other issues.

Getting in touch with a Los Angeles emergency dentist is recommended if the underlying tooth contains jagged edges that can cause tiny tears in your cheeks or tongue.

Phone immediately if the crown is stuck in some way and impossible to remove entirely. It can pose a choking hazard if it’s dangling and loose. Finally, if you’re in pain because of the crown, you can consider getting the help of a Los Angeles emergency dentist.

First Aid Tips for Dental Issues

Before booking an appointment with emergency dentists, you can implement specific tips to reduce the pain, save the tooth, and ensure better outcomes of dental procedures. So, what do you need to do?

  • Use a cold press to relieve the pain: press an ice pack against your cheek near the swollen area;
  • Stop bleeding using a rolled or folded piece of gauze. Place it between the lips and gum;
  • For a tooth knocked out during contact sports or from any other activity, rinse your mouth very carefully, and try placing the tooth in its socket
  • Try over the counter medicines or clove to relieve a toothache
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What will a dentist do in an emergency?

What can you expect when you visit a Los Angeles dentist? The first step will entail a review of your medical history. Afterward, the dentist performs the initial exam. They will ask about the problem, when it first occurred, its location, the severity of tooth pain, and other related but minor problems. The dentist not only checks the problematic tooth but your overall dental health. For instance, while assessing your decayed tooth, they may discover that you have tartar and plaque buildup.

The dentist may recommend X-rays, particularly before recommending a root canal or procedures involving the jaw bone. You’ll receive a full brief of the treatment options and their estimated costs. After selecting the best option, the treatment will proceed. Dental procedures tend to be short, lasting from 15 minutes to 60 minutes per visit.

Does dental insurance cover treating dental emergencies?

With dental insurance, you can offset some of the costs associated with dental care. However, not everything is covered. A significant distinction is that dental insurance covers procedures deemed medically necessary for your wellbeing and excludes cosmetic dentistry procedures not considered to be medically necessary. For instance, getting teeth whitened doesn’t qualify for cover, as it revolves around uplifting the appearance of the teeth without any functional role. Similarly, few insurance covers cover orthodontic procedures such as getting braces installed. Even with a cover, remember that it may have a waiting period, annual benefit limits, and deductibles that paid before the dental insurance kicks in.

Tips to avoid dental emergencies

How can you maintain dental hygiene and avoid dental emergencies? Well, here are some recommendations and tips:

  • Implement a rigorous hygenie regimen with daily brushing and flossing to prevent plague build up;
  • If you participate in contact sports (football, ice hockey, etc), use a mouth guard to prevent a broken tooth;
  • Avoid foods that contribute to root decay;
  • Visit the dentist at least two times per year or once per year if you don’t have any dental issues.

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