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Dental emergencies such as severe toothache, injured teeth, gum infection, etc., should not be taken lightly. If you have any such dental health problems that are causing you an excruciating tooth pain, reach out to your nearest dental professionals immediately.

With prompt emergency dental treatment, you can prevent dental injuries from escalating into a major problem. For this, Team emergency dental has put together a detailed directory of dental offices in Winston to bring you the most reliable dental care services. This includes locating the nearest dental office in Winston Salem, swift emergency dental assistance, advice on treatment options, and many more.

Call 888-771-4655 to treat dental emergencies with our experienced dentist in Winston Salem. We offer exciting rates and 24- hour emergency dental care services with just one phone call.

Emergency Walk-in dentist in Winston Salem, NC

If you’re suffering from any dental concerns, it needs immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Winston. With just one phone call, our customer care specialists will guide you to the nearest dental facility according to your appointment preferences.

But in case of dental trauma or dental injury, there’s no time to fix an appointment. The fastest way to get emergency assistance is to visit a dentist’s office as soon as possible. With our dental emergency referral services, depending on the severity of your problem, we help locate a nearby dental facility that offers a walk-in dentist option.

This can help emergency patients get immediate treatment without any hassle. When in a dental emergency, dial our toll-free phone number at 888-771-4655, and we will fast-track your treatment options to the nearest emergency dental care in Winston Salem, NC.

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Reliable Dental Emergency Services in Winston Salem, NC

Getting treated for dental emergencies such as a knocked-out tooth, tooth decay, or root canal can be extremely painful. With our dental care, we aim to provide safe and secure services that put patients at ease while undergoing treatments.

Some of the dental emergency assistance and benefits we offer are as follows:

  • Expert team of emergency dentists, support staff, and emergency call specialists.
  • 24/7 dental facility that is open even on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Swift emergency dentistry for all kinds of dental concerns.
  • Immediate appointments with no wait time.
  • Diligent customer care operators are available around the clock.
  • State-of-the-art facility with advanced procedures and treatment options.
  • Convenient payment options through dental insurance, personal checks, or cash.

How to Prepare for an Emergency Visit to the Dental Office?

When dental emergencies happen, they have to be addressed immediately. Delay or neglect can result in further damage to your teeth. So when you make that emergency appointment to a dental care facility, there are a few pointers you can follow to prepare ahead of your visit.

Prepare all necessary documents such as previous dental records, if you have any, appointment confirmation notes, recent x-rays, your identification card, and dental insurance card.

If you’re not sure the dental clinic accepts insurance, then you can call ahead before your visit for clarification. Though most dental facilities in Winston Salem offer dental insurance packages, it’s safe to be prepared beforehand.

Don’t have dental insurance? Not to worry. Other various modes of payment through cash, credit cards, and personal checks are also acceptable in many dental centers in Winston Salem, NC.

To save time and arrive early for your scheduled appointment, you can save the dental clinic’s location on your phone for easier access. So when the time comes for your emergency consultation and treatment, you can easily navigate to the dentist’s office without taking detours.

How to Avail Team Emergency Dental Services in Winston Salem, NC?

Some of the most common dental emergency happens without any prior symptoms or warnings. To effectively overcome these dental concerns, we need to be one step ahead. You can do that by getting treated immediately by an expert emergency dentist on the first sign of discomfort in your teeth and mouth.

If you can’t find a dental office near you, reach out to us through our emergency line. Whether it’s routine oral and dental health checkups or treatment for dental emergencies, our highly qualified emergency dentists are available around the clock.

Call our emergency toll-free phone number, and our customer care specialists will help guide you to the nearest Winston Salem emergency dentist near your home area.

Common Dental Emergencies in Winston Salem, NC

Following are some common dental emergency concerns that need urgent care by an experienced Winston Salem, NC dentist.

Cracked, fractured, and chipped tooth

If you have a chipped, fractured, or cracked tooth that’s causing the severe tooth pain, you require immediate attention from a dental professional. These dental injuries are common when in an accident, falling, biting into something very hard, or while playing sports.

With our exceptional dental services in areas in and around Winston Salem, we ensure that in your time of need, we provide you with the quickest route to the nearest emergency dentist. Your treatment plan for the dental injury can be a dental crown, veneers, root canal, or tooth-colored filling as per the damage to the teeth.

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Broken and knocked-out tooth

Knocked out and broken teeth are serious dental conditions that need urgent medical treatment. If your broken tooth is dangling from the socket or it’s completely knocked out, don’t panic. Carefully pick the fallen tooth by the crown and wash them clean.

It should be noted that the tooth must always be kept moist until it can be treated by an emergency dentist. You can either push it back in the socket or place it in milk until proper procedures and treatments are made.

Gum infection

Gum swelling, bad breath, severe dental pain, and red and tender gums are some of the symptoms that can arise if you have a gum infection or disease. They can appear as red pockets of pus accumulated on top of the gums. These are bacterial infections caused by poor dental hygiene.

If left untreated, it can spread from the infected teeth to the jawbone and cause further dental complications. Fortunately, with our dental service, you can get urgent treatment from an expert emergency dentist in Winston Salem.

Severe toothache

Certain common dental emergencies occur with extreme tooth pain. They are often the start of serious dental concerns that need urgent treatments. Dental conditions such as tooth abscess, gum infection, tooth trauma, wisdom teeth, etc., are some examples.

However, not all toothache needs emergency procedures, such as food particles stuck between the teeth, biting into something firm, or flossing. For these, you can take OTC pain relief medications or place a cold compress on the affected area. If the pain still presides, you can then call our emergency line for quick dental treatments.

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