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Are you looking for dental help you can trust in Washington DC? There’s no need to visit multiple websites or waste your precious time calling multiple offices without reprieve.Dental emergencies can be incredibly stressful and painful. That’s why we are committed to helping our visitors find the most reputable dental clinics in Washington DC with a simple call. You’ll get plenty of local options nearby without long commute times.And don’t worry even if you’re calling in the middle of the night. Our dental professionals offer 24-hour services, and you can book an appointment during holidays, weekends, and nights. So, what are you waiting for? Call 844-700-1220 and receive professional dental care services from renowned emergency dentists.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is any serious issue that affects your teeth and mouth. It will be quite painful and may be unmanageable with over-the-counter medication. Some situations can cause excessive swelling or bleeding gums.

An emergency can also entail dental trauma that stems from a sports-related injury, accident, or assault. It can have long-lasting consequences, for instance, experiencing tooth loss because of failing to treat a knocked-out tooth in time.

So, if you’re experiencing any issue with your mouth or teeth that is quite serious and impairs your ability to function, you need to get professional intervention right away, preferably within the same day.

Examples of common dental emergencies include painful toothaches, broken jaws, excessive swelling, and bleeding. 

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How to Resolve Common Dental Emergencies

You may be curious as to the approach that an emergency dentist may take to resolve common dental emergencies during the emergency visit. Well, here are descriptions of common issues and how the dentist will handle common dental emergencies: 

Severe tooth pain: Are you experiencing constant and throbbing dental pain? Or do you feel a sharp instant pain when you attempt to chew with one side of your mouth? You could be dealing with infections or cavities, and it’s best to see a dentist right away for an emergency appointment. They will carry out a professional assessment to root out the underlying cause. The dentist may prescribe various treatments, including filling, root canal, or a tooth extraction for severe cases.

 Knocked-out tooth: Many people may not be aware that a knocked-out tooth can be saved, but it’s imperative to act within the first 5 minutes. The tooth may either be placed back into the socket by the patient, who may lick it if it’s dirty, or rinse it with cold water for not more than 20 seconds. A first aid kit may also come with a Save a tooth kit that can preserve a tooth for up to 24 hours. Another option is spitting into a container and placing the tooth inside. The tooth can also be safely held within the confines of one’s mouth. Dentists will perform an x-ray to ensure that the tooth has been properly placed back. They will splint it onto neighboring teeth, which allows the socket and the tooth to fuse naturally over a couple of weeks. 

Bleeding teeth or gums: A patient may experience excessive bleeding following a tooth extraction. So it’s better to watch out for unusual bleeding and to report back to the dentist. Bleeding gums should be another cause of worry, as the problem develops following the progression of gum disease. 

Fractured or broken jaw: An indication that your jaw may be fractured is if you feel some tenderness and pain when chewing or speaking. A serious fracture can make it impossible to move your mouth and may result in a lot of pain. You may also feel some numbness and bruising. It will be imperative to see a prosthodontist or prosthetic dentist for a diagnosis and treatment. Small fractures may be left to heal on their own, and you may also receive healing medication. A more severe fracture may require the jaws to be wired. 

How to Pay for Emergency Dental Care

The cost of emergency dental care can quickly add up. Procedures such as root canal therapy can cost more than $500. It’s important to be aware of the various ways that you can cater to the costs.

Now, one way is to use dental insurance plans from providers such as Cigna or Delta Dental. For instance, not all clinics may support Delta Dental. Call in advance and find out if the dental office supports your dental health plan.

Dental clinics may also partner with dental financing solutions that may extend a line of credit that you can use for ongoing treatments. It may be a great option if you don’t have the cash to pay for the treatment upfront or when financing cosmetic dental procedures that regular insurance plans may not cover. For instance, financing is a great option for dental implants.

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Reasons to Request Help from Our 24-Hour Emergency Dentist Services

Stuck trying to figure out the benefits of working with our emergency dentist over other providers? You stand to gain several benefits: 

24-hour priority assistance: The biggest advantage is that you can book your dental appointment anytime you are free. It’s possible to see the dentist on weekends and after hours. 

All dental problems with one phone call: We save customers the hassle of searching through multiple websites, trying to find an office that is not too busy to accommodate their emergency and one that offers help with their particular issue. One phone call unlocks access to all dental services. 

Accredited dentists and professionals: Work with highly experienced dental practitioners with many years of experience and the right licenses. Many are members of the American Dental Association.

Care and utmost commitment: You will enjoy the best level of care from committed and dedicated teams. Many customers have feted them for their 5-star treatments. 

How to Find a 24-Hour Dentist in Washington?

Let’s touch on the issue of how to find a 24-hour local emergency dentist. With the emergence of the internet, most people now go online and perform a search either on Google or Bing. Such searches may yield mixed results. The person may end up with a list of dental offices, but none of them may really offer 24-hour services.

We offer an alternative and intuitive way to find a 24-hour dentist in Washington DC. Simply call our support number and speak to our service reps about your issue. You can also share a few details that will allow them to help you secure an appointment with the right clinic. 

How to Book Emergency Dental Service

Booking an emergency dental visit is not complicated, and there are a few things to know. You should always make sure that you have the right details. For instance, ask about their office location and how to get there, as online information may be outdated. Make sure you have the appointment time right. It would be best if you also asked about how long the treatment may last, its costs, and what to bring. 

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