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Help in Accessing Emergency Dental Services in Tulsa, OK

No one is immune to dental emergencies. A dental emergency can arise even if you strictly follow the best preventative measures. Dental emergencies from a sports accident or car accident, for instance, are inevitable. On top of the pain, you will have to deal with the stress and worry associated with knowing when and where to get emergency dental care services.

The great news is that our reliable referral service is open 24 hours a day. We’ll aid you in finding an emergency dentist in Tulsa, OK, within a quick turnaround. Feel free to contact us at 888-461-7274 whenever you or a family member is in a dental emergency.

Your Emergency Dental Care Options in Tulsa, OK

24-Hour Emergency Dentist This dental practitioner is available on call and will offer immediate dental care during both regular and extended hours. Tulsa has several such dentists. Call our helpline so we can connect you with a 24-hour urgent care dentist for your emergency dental needs. We can even book you a same-day appointment with one of Tulsa emergency dentists. 

24-Hour Dentist in Tulsa, OK

This dental professional operates on a 24-hour basis. This professional can provide immediate dental care whenever you experience a dental emergency. This dental professional often works at an urgent dental care center or acts as an on-call dentist available 24-hours a day. 

24-hour dentists are the most sought-after in Tulsa because of their dedication to work even during odd hours. Unfortunately, they are very few and most difficult to find in Tulsa, OK. You might be surprised that your neighborhood lacks even one dentist that operates 24 hours per day. Don’t worry though! Through our referral service, you can locate an emergency dental provider even at 3:00 AM. 

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Walk-in Dentist

This type of dentist often works in a walk-in dental clinic. These clinics treat new and existing patients without an appointment. Most walk-in clinics are open during regular office hours. Only a few of these clinics stay open for extended hours.

Late-Night Dentist

Late-night dentists treat after-hour dental emergencies. They work late from Monday through Friday to offer you the dental emergency care you require. They are sometimes available on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Tips for Managing Most Common Dental Emergencies in Tulsa, OK

You need to take the right action when dental emergencies happen to prevent the situation from exacerbating. Use these tips to manage the following dental emergencies as you wait to see a Tulsa emergency dental practitioner: 

Severe Toothache

Your dental pain relief options will vary with the underlying cause. If a piece of food is caught between your teeth, you can dislodge it either with waxed dental floss or water flosser. If your teeth are free of any food debris, the pain could be stemming from an infection in the tooth’s root. In this case, you will need to see a Tulsa emergency dentist immediately. 

An urgent care dentist will capture X-rays to identify the issue. The dental practitioner will then remove the infected tissues and nerve through a root canal procedure. If the decay or infection is severe, tooth extraction might be necessary. 

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Chipped or Broken Tooth

Cover the jagged edges of your broken or chipped tooth with dental wax. Doing this will protect your tongue, gums, and lips from injuries. A cold compress would help in minimizing pain and swelling. Look for the chipped or broken pieces and take them with you during your emergency dental appointment. Your emergency dentist will re-bond those pieces back to your permanent tooth. Placing a dental crown or porcelain veneer over the severely broken tooth may also be an option. This is especially true if re-bonding is unsuccessful. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

You have a short window of time to save a knocked-out tooth. In fact, the tooth may not live beyond 1-2 hours. The first step is to collect the tooth by its crown and wash off any dirt or debris. Try to return it to its vacated socket. If impossible, put it in a glass of cold milk. You can keep it moist inside your mouth until a dental practitioner can see you. 

Lost Filling or Crown

Buy dental cement from your local pharmacy. Use it to cover the exposed tooth surface. The dental cement will seal the area and provide temporary relief until you get emergency dental services. 

Dental Abscess

Painkillers like ibuprofen can offer temporary relief from the pain associated with dental abscesses. Take cool, soft foods and drinks from the healthy side of your mouth. Brush gently, and don’t floss around the affected area until you get your infection treated. While these measures may ease your pain temporarily, do not use them to put off immediate dental care. 

A dental abscess never goes away by itself. A dentist must drain the pus and get rid of the root cause of the infection. Treatment options can range from root canal and extraction depending on the abscess location and severity. 

What Happens During Emergency Tooth Extraction?

Your dentist will use a numbing agent to ensure you are comfortable during the extraction procedure. The dentist will use specialized dental instruments to remove the whole tooth or section it and carefully take out the pieces.

 A piece of gauze will be put on the extraction site to stop bleeding. You will have two to three minutes to relax after the procedure. Finally, your dental practitioner will give you aftercare instructions to maintain the cleanliness of the extraction site and protect it from infection. 

Contact us at 888-461-7274 to fast-track the process of finding an emergency dentist in Tulsa. Our live operators are on standby waiting for your call. Don’t hesitate to call us as soon as a dental emergency strikes. 

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