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24-Hour Emergency Dentist - Urgent Dental Care in Toledo, OH

When a dental emergency strikes suddenly in the middle of the night, you may require immediate medical attention. Finding the quickest route to dental offices can be challenging with unbearable, throbbing pain. To make matters worst, if the dental care facilities are closed for the day, you might even have to postpone your treatments.

If you’re facing such difficulties in finding an urgent dental care facility in and around areas surrounding Toledo, then reach out to Team Emergency Dental. With just one phone call, we will address the severity of your dental emergency and guide you to the nearest dental care that’s open around the clock.

No more wait time if you choose us for your emergency dental services. Connect with us through our 24/7 toll-free phone number at 844-700-1220 and avail our exceptional dental care services.

How to deal with Dental Emergencies in Toledo, OH?

A dental emergency can suddenly emerge in the form of sharp, unbearable pain due to chipped tooth, tooth pain, or broken teeth to name a few. These dental emergencies are unpredictable and can quickly arise at any time of the day or night. While other dental emergencies take a longer time to develop, like tooth decay and gum diseases.

Whatever may be the reason, dealing with dental emergencies immediately with precise treatment plans and procedures is the best solution. Therefore, it’s vital to address your dental emergency quickly by getting it checked with experienced dentists.

With our dental services in Toledo and nearby areas, we ensure that in your time of need, we provide professional medical advice and immediate help. We are with you all step of the way, from queries about the dental treatments to directing you to the nearest emergency room location and information about emergency dentists and more.

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Toledo Emergency Dentistry Services

Can’t seem to decipher if your dental problem needs immediate attention or not? Don’t worry; with our dental care in Toledo and surrounding areas, we will help you not only get to the bottom of your dental issue but also provide exceptional dental care through our referral services.

Following are some dentistry services and benefits we offer to make your visit to the emergency room stress-free.

  • A dedicated dental team consisting of highly qualified dentists, staff, and customer care representatives.
  • Quick dental appointment with just one phone call.
  • Various branches of dentistry: Emergency, general, pediatric, sedation, and restorative dentistry.
  • Routine dental and oral health checkups for the entire family.
  • Wide range of payment channels through dental insurance, cash, credit cards, and personal checks.
  • Advance treatment and procedures regarding dental implants and surgery.
  • Exceptional after-care and dental therapy services.
  • 24/7 emergency dental providers even after normal business hours.

Which Emergency Dental problems need urgent treatment?

When you face an emergency concerning dental issues, reach out to your nearest dentist in Toledo immediately. Whether it’s a damaged tooth or severe toothache, instead of second-guessing what could be a serious dental emergency, you can connect with Team Emergency Dental through our toll-free number.

Here are some dental problems that require emergency attention from an experienced Toledo emergency dentist.

Knocked-out tooth

This problem is a grave dental emergency that needs immediate medical assistance from an emergency dentist. If you have a tooth completely knocked out of its socket, then locate the fallen tooth, and pick them up by the crown and not by the root, as it can damage the exposed tissues.

Wipe or rinse the tooth clean with running water if it’s found dirty. Reposition the tooth back to the socket if possible, or take it with you when you visit a dental office. If you cannot find a dental service in your area, call our 24/7 emergency care referral services. With precise treatments performed by our emergency dentist in Toledo, you can have your teeth looking brand new in no time.

Cracked, chipped, and broken tooth

Sports injury, accident, or even biting into something very hard can cause cracked, broken and chipped teeth. Leaving them untreated can lead to severe tooth pain and, in some cases bleeding from the affected tooth. Get your tooth fixed right away with our emergency dentist in Toledo.

Depending on the extent of the dental injury, treatments such as bonding or tooth filling can be suggested to treat the jagged edges of your chipped, broken, or cracked tooth.

Lost filling

Damaged teeth, such as loose permanent teeth or chipped teeth can require tooth filling to keep them stable and provide a uniform teeth appearance. Many patients lose their filling while eating and chewing. This common mishap is natural and can be easily fixed by replacing the filling.

With our dental care in Toledo, treat your lost filling, broken crowns, and broken dentures with excellent restoration dental work done by skilled emergency dentists.

Book a same-day appointment for all your Emergency Dental needs today!

Team Emergency Dental offers various exceptional services that provide a hassle-free experience when visiting a dental care facility in and around the Toledo area. To avail of prompt dental services, call our toll-free phone number at 844-700-1220.

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