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Is your tooth pain recurring again and again? Then it might be a dental emergency that requires a trip to an emergency room. Finding out which dental problem is an emergency and which is not can be difficult when there are no prior warning signs.Contact us through our emergency toll-free phone number at 888-941-8655 and get in touch with our diligent call specialists. We will address your dental emergency and direct you to the concerned emergency dentists available in your hour of need in Tempe, AZ.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tempe, AZ

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental practice that focuses mainly on improving the appearance of teeth. Aligning crooked or overlapping teeth and teeth whitening are some of the treatments. However, it should be noted that cosmetic dentistry is an elective rather than an essential.

Want to get your teeth fixed through cosmetic treatments? You have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of procedures performed by our finest dentists in Tempe. All you have to do is call us through our 24-hour hotline, and we will direct you to our expert cosmetic dentist near your home.

Some the cosmetic dentistry treatments are as follows:

  • Composite Bonding
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Inlays and On lays
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Find Reliable Emergency Dental Services in Tempe

Some of the emergency dental services we render when you choose our dental care are as follows:

  • Experienced team of highly qualified emergency dentists, diligent support staff, and expert call specialists.
  • Emergency appointment with just one phone call.
  • Wide range of dentistry services, including cosmetic and emergency dentistry services.
  • Availability of walk-in dentist option.
  • Diverse emergency dental treatment and precise procedures.
  • Urgent care in case of dental trauma or injury.
  • Economic payment options through insurance, cash, credit cards, or personal checks.

Weekend Dental Care in Tempe, AZ- Get Help on Holidays

As the name suggests, weekend dentists or emergency dentists are dental care providers available on the weekends. This is beneficial for patients who work from Monday to Friday and cannot find available time away from their busy office schedule or for those who cannot wait for regular weekday hours.

Weekend dentists are tremendously helpful when you have to avoid the regular traffic rush. Though weekend dental services are usually on Saturdays, it is advisable to call beforehand to confirm if they are also available on Sundays.

Looking for a weekend dentist in and around Tempe? Contact us through our emergency line, and we will guide you to the concerned dental office in case of dental emergencies or for routine oral health checkups.

Which Dental Emergencies Need Immediate Help?

Here are some dental emergency conditions that need to be looked at by an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked-out tooth

An accident while playing sports or falling can knock out your tooth from its socket. This can be extremely painful and can cause facial swelling if not treated as soon as possible. Visit your nearest emergency dentist within 30-60 minutes for effective treatment.

When you have a knocked-out tooth, pick the tooth by the crown to not disrupt the exposed veins and tissues. Rinse it if it’s found dirty. The dislodged tooth must be kept moist till it can be checked by a dental professional.

You can either preserve the tooth by placing it in milk or saltwater. This ensures that nerve endings are alive till they can be treated by an emergency dentist.

Lost filling

If your tooth is damaged by dental trauma, such as a cracked or chipped tooth, crowns or fillings can be used to insulate the tooth from further damage. But over time, due to wear and tear or while eating, the filling can be lost. When this happens, don’t panic; call our emergency dental care immediately.

We will direct you to our finest Tempe dentist for urgent care. Depending on the extent of the damage, your dentist can either recommend reusing your old one or replacing it with a brand-new filling instead.

Broken Dentures

Dentures are used in case of a dental emergency, such as permanent tooth loss or chipped, broken, or cracked teeth. These artificial dental implants are fitted to provide stability to the teeth structure and from causing further damage.

When you have a broken denture, reach out to our emergency dental services. Our expert dentist will help fix your problem by either fixing your old denture or replacing them entirely with a new one.

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Chipped, cracked, or broken tooth

Broken, fractured, chipped, or cracked teeth can be the result of the forceful impact on the teeth and mouth. Either from an accident, playing sports, or other such reasons. When this happens, visit an emergency dental care facility immediately.

According to the severity of the damage, recommended treatments are dental crowns, dentures, fillings, or in some serious cases, root canals or tooth extraction.

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Call 888-941-8655 for urgent care regarding emergency dentistry services. With just one phone call, we will direct you to the nearest experienced emergency dentist at your convenient time.

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