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Dental emergencies, such as fractured teeth, broken braces, and knocked-out teeth can happen to anyone. When a dental disaster strikes, you may be easily overwhelmed by the turn of events. This points to the need to find an urgent dentist’s office near you where you can easily seek dental care. If you are struggling to find an emergency dentist near you, do not panic. Team Dental Emergency is your trusted partner in reliable dental referral services. Call our dental office number at 888-941-8655. We will quickly help you book a same-day appointment with an emergency dentist near you.

Our Staten Island Emergency Dental Referral Services

When you have a dental emergency, such as a knocked tooth, you require immediate treatment. If you have an emergency dentist, well and good. It implies that you will receive prompt dental services. If you do not have an emergency dentist on speed dial, do not fret. We are specialists in emergency dental referral services. Call us right away, and we will connect you to a walk-in dental practice near your neighborhood. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year.

Given that dental problems can strike at any moment, our office team is always a call away. Our partner, emergency dentists, are also available 24/7. If the dentist we have referred you to is not available, our professional team will promptly connect you with another dentist near your home area.

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Common Dental Emergencies in Staten Island, NY

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth constitute one of the most common dental emergencies in Staten Island. When you have a chipped or broken tooth, call our dental offices immediately. Our polite associates will quickly find you a walk-in dental clinic near you.

If possible, ensure that you carry the broken piece preserved in a glass of milk during your visit. To manage the sharp pain that you may experience after the ordeal, use a cold compress. This will reduce the pain and also swelling. Failure to urgently visit an emergency dental clinic after experiencing a broken tooth can lead to difficulties in restoring it.

Tooth Extractions

An extraction involves the removal of a tooth from its bone socket. When your tooth is excessively damaged or broken, seek emergency dental care right away. Most emergency dentists, at first, will try to save it. If preventative interventions, such as fixing your tooth with the normal dental crown or filing fails, then the dental professional may extract it. This is usually the case when your tooth is damaged beyond repair.

 If you have extensive tooth decay, a dental practitioner may recommend its extraction. If you are struggling to find a dentist for the extraction, don’t panic. Call us right away, and we will connect you with a dental practitioner near you. It doesn’t matter if you have no dental insurance. Our caring team will still connect you with another partner dentist who will accept your payment plans.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is characterized by the presence of pus and throbbing pain due to an infection. Ignoring a cavity or an oral injury may result in an infection. If you have an abscessed tooth, call us right away. Our caring team will quickly connect you with an urgent dentist near you.

The dental practitioner will perform a root canal dental procedure on your infected tooth. If it is excessively infected, root canal therapy may not be effective. Your dentist may opt to pull it out. Seeking urgent dental care when you have an abscessed tooth cannot be understated. If left untreated, infected teeth can easily cause life-threatening complications.

Bleeding Gums

A build-up of heavy plaque and tartar on your teeth can result in gum disease. Failure to clean out the plaque may cause inflammation and bleeding of your gums. If you notice that your gums are bleeding, call us right away. We will find you an emergency periodontist near your neighborhood.

Our professional team will walk with you through every step. The team will ensure that you get a same-day appointment with our partner dental specialist. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help prevent dental emergencies, including reducing the risk of gum disease.

Lost Fillings and Crowns

This constitutes one of the common dental emergencies that our partner dentists frequently encounter in Staten Island. If you have lost your crown or filling, do not fret. Contact us right away, and we will connect you with an emergency dentistry professional near you. We will ensure that you get prompt dental care, saving you from the hassle and stress associated with trying to find a dentist you can trust. If possible, find the missing piece and bring it along during your visit.


If you are experiencing a severe toothache, call us right away to get your urgent dental needs addressed. We understand the discomfort that accompanies toothaches. After calling us, we will quickly schedule an emergency appointment for you. To alleviate the pain associated with toothache, use warm water to rinse the affected area. Use dental floss to remove any food particles that may be stuck between your teeth.

Commonly Asked Emergency Dental Care Questions in Staten Island, NY

What is the cost of emergency dental care?

The cost of emergency dental care varies depending on the type of dental emergency you may have. However, the cost should be in the same range as the regular dental care, save for the appointment fee if the emergency is after hours or on weekends.

Many Staten Island emergency dentists accept most dental insurance plans. We can link you with a dental practitioner that will accept your plan. We can also recommend dental discount plans to offset the cost of your emergency dental services.

How to get an emergency dentist appointment in Staten Island, NY?

To get an emergency appointment in Staten Island, contact us at our number 888-941-8655. Our dental office team will quickly schedule a same-day appointment for you with an emergency dental service near you.

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