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Falling off stairs or getting mouth injuries while playing contact sports are quite unpredictable events. These events result in dental and physical injuries. Unfortunately, most dental emergencies occur during after-hours. Finding an open dental clinic during those hours is an arduous task. This challenge leaves many patients in pain and frightened, as dental emergencies require immediate attention. Patients with a completely knocked out tooth or severe toothache, for instance, can’t wait till the next day when a regular clinic will be open. 

The good news is that there are 24-hour emergency dentists in Sioux Falls, SD. Call us at 844-700-1220 for help locating an emergency dentist in your neighborhood. Our courteous and professional staff will pick up your call and quickly schedule a same-day appointment for you. 

Benefits of Seeking Emergency Dental Care

You Quickly Alleviate Dental Pain

Nothing is more uncomfortable than experiencing persistent dental pain. Dental pain mainly results from accidents or infections. There are temporary measures to alleviate pain, but sometimes they are inadequate. A visit to your local dentist guarantees you instant pain relief. It also allows you to get the appropriate treatment for the underlying problem.

Your local dentist will start treatments right away. The specialist may prescribe painkillers that are more potent than conventional over-the-counter painkillers. After numbing your pain, the local dentist will assess your dental emergency and determine a suitable treatment plan.

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You May Save Your Tooth

Seek emergency dental services after getting your tooth knocked out. Avulsed teeth have an average lifespan of about 30-60 minutes. Failure to seek prompt emergency dental care services can lead to teeth loss. 

Call us if your tooth is broken or knocked out. We will quickly schedule a same-day appointment for you at a convenient emergency dental clinic. We understand that prompt emergency dental care increases the odds of saving your tooth.

You Prevent Further Complications

You should visit an emergency dentist immediately if you have an infected tooth. Any delays in seeking swift dental care can turn a minor dental condition into a life-threatening medical emergency. An abscess may spread from your tooth or gums into the blood system. An infection that has attacked major body organs may lead to a patient getting admitted to an intensive care unit. The cost at this stage might pile up quite fast.

Tips On How to Prevent Common Dental Emergencies in Sioux Falls, SD

Knocked-Out Tooth

An avulsed tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies in Sioux Falls. One way to protect your mouth from trauma is to wear a mouthguard while engaging in highly physical sporting activities, such as baseball. Mouthguards are readily available in your nearby drug store.

Ensure your child is in full protective gear when practicing and playing contact sports. This measure reduces accidental tooth damage. If you experience a knocked-out tooth, visit a nearby emergency dental facility. If there is no open clinic near your home area, don’t fret. Call our Sioux Falls dental office team for quick referral to an emergency dentist within your location. 

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay mainly results from a bacterial infection. To avoid decay, tone down on sugary food and drinks. Sugary foods increase acidity in your mouth that erodes your enamel. Cavity develops following repeated erosion of your enamel over time. Your tooth may get permanently damaged if the decay is left untreated for long.

Tooth pain is one of the main symptoms of dental cavity. Another way to avoid decay is to maintain proper oral health. You achieve that by brushing and flossing regularly. 

If you are experiencing severe pain, you might have an infected or damaged tooth. Visit a local dentist near you for a thorough dental examination and treatment. Your local dentist may recommend root canal therapy for the decay. If the tooth is extensively decayed, your dentist may opt for an extraction.

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Broken Tooth

A broken tooth is characterized by severe pain and sometimes bleeding. It is also sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. One way to protect your teeth from breaking is to wear a mouthguard while playing contact sports. As previously stated, mouthguards are effective in protecting your teeth from getting broken, cracked, knocked out.

Also, avoid chewing hard food substances, such as carrots or ice. These food items
can break your teeth. In mild instances, they may result in a chipped tooth.

Always use the right tools to open packages and bottles. Have a pair of scissors and bottle openers at home and office. Never use your teeth to open packaged items. Doing that increases your risk for dental trauma.

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