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Dental emergencies often strike at odd hours of the day, for instance, in the middle of the night, after office hours, or even during a vacation. When you can’t find a reliable dental office near you, it can lead to severe pain and further damage to your dental and oral health.

This is where we come in; Team Emergency Dental specializes in exceptional services by locating the nearest dental care facility in areas surrounding Scottsdale. When in a dental emergency, connect with us through our toll-free phone number, and we will immediately direct you to the concerned emergency dentists.

Dial 888-771-4655 for urgent care regarding dental problems. Our customer care call specialists are available 24/7 throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

How can a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist in Scottsdale help me?

If you’re experiencing severe dental pain in your teeth and mouth, especially at night when most dental clinics are closed for the day, your best bet is a 24-hour dentist. They can help address your dental issue and perform precise treatments to relieve your pain fast.

A 24-hour emergency dental clinic is open throughout the week, after regular office hours, on the weekends, and even on holidays. With our dental care referral services, we solve queries and help locate the next available emergency dentists near your home area in Scottsdale.

You can either schedule an appointment at your preferred date, book same-day appointments, or even directly walk into the dental facility in case of dental emergencies. All you have to do is call our toll-free phone number at 888-771-4655 for immediate care.

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Emergency Dental Care Assistance and Benefits in Scottsdale, AZ

Getting treated for a dental emergency can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time in an emergency room. This is natural for many patients undergoing any dental-related treatments and procedures.

To make your visit stress-free and less hassle, Team Emergency Dental has compiled certain services and benefits that can make your visit to the dental care facility more pleasant. Some of the assistance and benefits to look out for on your visit are as follows.

A network of proficient emergency dentists, friendly support staff, and hard-working customer care call specialists.

  • Flexible payment options through dental insurance, cash, credit cards, or personal checks.
  • Routine oral and dental health checkups for the whole family.
  • Prompt emergency, preventive, sedation, pediatric, and general dentistry services.
  • Adheres to American Dental Association.
  • Immediate treatment through same-day appointment.
  • 24/7 emergency dental care facilities are open on all days.
  • Advance treatment plans and procedures for dental emergencies.
  • Direct communication through an emergency toll-free number.

What are the Common Dental Emergencies?

Following are some common dental emergencies you can refer to before you visit a dental office.

Knocked-out tooth

If your tooth got knocked out due to an accident, playing sports, or falling, don’t panic. Though it’s a serious dental emergency, when treated immediately, you can save your tooth. The first thing you can do is pick the knocked-out tooth by the crown, not by the root. Rinse them in clean water if they are found dirty.

Make a trip to the dental office within 30 minutes of the dental injury to either re-attach your fallen tooth back into the socket or for other treatment plans.

Chipped and broken tooth

Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth are also dental injuries that need emergency dental care. It can be caused due to biting into something very firm or getting into an accident, whatever may be the reason it needs immediate attention from an experienced dentist.

With our dental services, you can get the required dental assistance immediately with no wait time. Depending on the severity of the damaged tooth dentures, bonding or dental cement can be recommended to treat your problem.

Lost crown and filling

If you ever had a cracked or chipped tooth, you will be familiar with dental crowns and fillings. They are used to keep the tooth stable by insulating the damaged tooth from further harm. Due to wear and tear or while eating, it’s common to lose the crown or filling.

When that happens, reach out to your nearest emergency dentist immediately. They can help fix your lost crown or filling by providing a replacement or reusing the old one, depending on the extent of the damage.

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Contact our 24-hour emergency hotline at 480-210-8858 and avail exciting offers, immediate medical attention, and highly qualified emergency dentists for all dental problems.

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