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Severe tooth pain can be the cause of broken teeth, chipped teeth, root canals, decay, infections, and other dental concerns. You might have tried home remedies such as a cold compress on the affected area or used pain relief medications to bring down the unbearable pain. You might have even thought of sleeping it off and getting it sorted the next morning. With our reliable emergency dental care in Riverside, CA, we offer 24-hour emergency dentistry with safe and secure assistance.

In a dental emergency, precise diagnosis and quick treatments can not only help in relieving pain but can also eliminate further damage to your teeth and mouth. From common dental emergencies to urgent care, our experienced dentists in Riverside are available around the clock to take care of your oral health. Visit our dental office today by scheduling your appointment with just one phone call.

Contact our 24-hour emergency phone number 888-461-7274 for all kinds of dental emergencies. We assure you the swift medical attention and accurate dental treatments in your hour of need.

Dental Emergency Assistance in Riverside, CA

Riverside dental is a one-stop dental facility for all your emergencies and overall dental care. From the comfort of your home, make appointments or walk-in anytime for all kinds of dental concerns. Here are a few dental assistance and benefits we offer to make your visit stress-free and to ensure that you get the best possible care.

  • Expert dental group of emergency dentists, orthodontics, and friendly support staff.
  • 24 -hour dentist available throughout the week and on weekends.
  • Qualified general dentistry for detection, diagnosis, and treatments.
  • Same day appointment through emergency toll-free numbers.
  • Walk-ins during any hour for dental emergency cases.
  • Affordable dental services through various insurance plans and other payment options.
  • Dental treatment for all kinds of emergencies.
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How to find out if you have a Dental Emergency?

Many patients with dental pain may not be sure if they have a dental emergency or not. You may experience prolonged pain for a long duration or slight discomfort that may come and go. Instead of second-guessing, you can always reach out to us in your hour of need. Our dental health care in Riverside ensures swift procedures and accurate treatments for all your dental emergencies. Following are a few issues that can constitute a dental emergency:

Gum Infection

Do you have tender, swollen, and red gums? Then it might be the result of bacterial infection accumulated in the tissues around your teeth. If left untreated, this bacterial infection can spread and cause a serious dental emergency such as tooth loss, damage to tissues and gums, and even cause severe damage to the jawbone. On the first sign of any of these symptoms, visit our dental office for swift consultation, diagnosis, and precise treatment plans.

Broken Tooth and Excessive Bleeding

If you have a broken tooth due to an accident caused by a heavy impact on your teeth and mouth, then reach out to your nearest emergency room quickly. A chipped, broken tooth can cause tooth sensitivity, bleeding, and extreme pain while chewing. The best option is to get it checked by a professional. According to the extent of the injury, dental treatments like as emergency tooth extraction, dentures, and other treatments can be recommended.

Severe tooth pain

Whether it is extreme tooth pain or dull discomfort, toothaches are hard to ignore and, when left untreated, can cause more harm than good. Extreme toothaches can be caused by decay, infections in the teeth and gums, cavities, wisdom teeth, or inflammation. Luckily, with our expert emergency room physician in Riverside, get it treated at the earliest with pain-less procedures.

Lost filling or crowns

Patients usually lose their dental fillings or crowns while eating or chewing food. This is a common dental mishap that can lead to exposed damaged teeth and tissues. If left untreated for a long duration, it can cause decay, tooth sensitivity, and other complications. With our dental clinics in the area near you, get your teeth restoration done by experienced emergency dentists.

What is the cost of dental emergencies in Riverside, CA?

When you visit our hospital emergency room in Riverside, the following procedures such as diagnosis, consultations, and the required treatment plan can ascertain the estimated cost of your dental needs. You can now cover your dental costs with affordable insurance plans and other payment options.

Contact our Riverside Dental facility for your dental emergencies today!

Contact 888-461-7274 for immediate medical assistance when it comes to dental emergencies or regular checkups.

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