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We are available 24 hours a day to help you receive urgent dental care in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. You can rely on us for a quick referral to the right Rancho Cucamonga emergency dentist for your emergency dentistry needs. Our service simplifies the process of finding emergency dentists for all dental procedures, including wisdom teeth removal, root canal therapy, and broken tooth repair.Call our 24-hour helpline 888-941-8655 to talk to one of our live referral experts. The referral expert will note a few details regarding your location and the dental concern. He or she will then offer a credible list of open emergency dentists in your Rancho Cucamonga neighborhood.

Emergency Dental Services in Rancho Cucamonga

Dental emergencies require you to act quickly to stand a better chance of a positive outcome. A broken or knocked-out tooth requires you to see a great dentist within an hour for a higher chance of fruitful replantation. Also, the sooner you get urgent dental care, the sooner you get out of the pain or discomfort. 

Knowing where to get emergency dental care can help you act fast in your hour of need. So, you need to understand your options for receiving urgent dental care in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. These options include: 

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24-Hour Emergency Dentist

24-hour emergency dentists are often open both day and night. You can find them in 24-hour emergency dental offices. Locating these dentists in Rancho Cucamonga is a challenge. Why? They are very few and are highly demanded due to their round-the-clock availability. 

Fortunately, we have established strong professional relationships with emergency dentists in this city. We usually leverage these professional relationships whenever we need to connect you with dental care providers during odd hours. Feel free to contact us, even if your dental emergency arises past midnight. 

After-Hour Dentist

After-hour dentists are dental care providers not limited to normal business hours. They remain open late into the night on weekdays and sometimes weekends. Their flexible office hours make them an ideal choice for people with a tight 8 AM – 5 PM schedule. 

You can book a same-day appointment with after-hour dental clinics for non-urgent dental conditions. You can also set an emergency appointment with these clinics when you are in an after-hour dental crisis. Our referral service is a valuable resource in making these after-hours appointments. 

Emergency Dental Care: When Do You Need It?

Any problem that endangers your dental health amounts to a dental emergency. Obtain emergency dental care from a walk-in dental office in your local area if you are in these four situations:

Excruciating Pain and Discomfort

Most dental emergencies cause severe pain and discomfort. This symptom indicates a serious dental condition that needs prompt treatment. Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, hot or cold compresses, and warm water rinses can alleviate the pain. These measures are, however, temporary. A permanent solution is to get the underlying issue removed or treated. 

If the pain stems from a stuck object, your dentist can dislodge that object with specialized dentistry instruments. If the issue is a severely decayed tooth, the practitioner can eliminate the decay and fill the space with a filling. An infection may need a root canal procedure. Permanent damage may need a tooth extraction. 


Accidents are the leading cause of dental emergencies. In fact, accidents cause over 5 million knocked-out teeth per year. In this case, accidents refer to bad falls, sports injuries, and car crashes. Seek immediate assistance from an emergency dentist if you have sustained dental trauma in a vehicle crash in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Your dentist may prevent additional dental or oral health complications if you seek urgent care promptly. 

Make an emergency room (ER) visit if you think you have sustained broken facial bones, head trauma, or other body injuries. The ER doctor will perform a comprehensive examination to determine if you have any potentially life-threatening injuries. If so, the doctor will treat those injuries. He or she will then ask you to see a dentist for dental problems treatment.

Severe Bleeding

Severe bleeding is a common sign of deeply cut soft tissues, gum disease, and many other causes. Try to control the bleeding by first rinsing with lukewarm water. Next, bite sterile gauze. 

Call your regular dentist if this dental emergency occurs during normal business hours. Otherwise, book an emergency appointment with an emergency or after-hour dentist in your local area. Give us a ring at 888-941-8655 for a smooth appointment booking process. 

Pus or Infection

A pimple-like spot on your gums usually indicates a dental abscess. This infection requires the immediate attention of a local dentist to keep it from attacking adjacent teeth and tissues. Your dental care professional will carefully drain the abscess and disinfect the affected area. 

Follow-up dental procedures may be required to treat the infection completely. A root canal therapy, for instance, may be performed to remove infected nerves and tissues in the pulp cavity. Tooth extraction may be performed if the abscess has damaged your permanent tooth. 

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Why Does Our Referral Service Stand Out in Rancho Cucamonga?

Round-the-Clock Availability

We have 24-hour availability and quick response to dental emergencies. We match patients with emergency dentists regardless of the time they call. We are also available on weekends and public holidays. 

Insurance-Friendly Dental Care Providers & Flexible Payment Options

We have partnered with emergency dentists who take most dental insurance plans and have multiple payment plans. That means we can help you get emergency dental services whether you have dental insurance or not. 

All Dental Services Under One Roof

Our partner dentists provide a complete suite of dental services. They offer preventative dentistry, general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and more. 

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