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Any dental problem that causes you a sleepless night, extreme pain, and overwhelming discomfort qualifies as a dental emergency. If a dental emergency strikes outside normal office hours, you risk enduring many hours of pain. The reason is that most dentists in Pittsburgh, PA, are either unavailable or too engaged to get you in on time.Your calls and search for a Pittsburgh emergency dentist may fail to yield meaningful results. Our referral service ensures you don’t have to endure all that stress. We already have the location and contact details of emergency dentists in Pittsburgh, PA, who can solve your problem. Just speak to one of our referral specialists to learn the options offered by Pittsburgh when it comes to emergency dental care. Our helpline 888-461-7274 is open both day and night.

How to Receive Emergency Dental Care in Pittsburgh, PA

Book an Emergency Appointment

Call our referral service right after you start experiencing a dental emergency in Pittsburgh, PA. We will ensure you have a list of all open emergency dental offices in your neighborhood. We will also advise you on scheduling a same-day appointment. 

The next step is to call one of the recommended emergency dentists and set up an appointment. One of the experienced team members at the dentist’s office will guide you on temporary relief measures you can take before your appointment. 

The measures include rinsing your mouth with salt water multiple times if you are dealing with severe tooth pain. They also include placing a cold compress over the area of injury if you are dealing with dental trauma. 

open mouth examining dental inspection at dentist office

Performing Diagnostic Studies

Bring your most recent dental records and be at the dentist’s office at least 20 minutes before your appointment. Use the extra minutes to fill in the required paperwork and familiarize yourself with the office. 

Go to the treatment room when it’s time to see the emergency dentist. Depending on your dental issue, the dental practitioner may perform multiple diagnostic studies. The practitioner may, for instance, take an X-ray of the aching or broken tooth. The practitioner may also conduct an emergency exam. These studies will allow the dental professional to know what is troubling you and how best to address it. 

Carefully Evaluate the Findings and all Available Treatment Options

Your dentist will carefully go through the findings to diagnose your problem. The dental practitioner will explain all treatment options available for your dental condition. The practitioner will involve you in creating a personalized course of treatment to address your oral health concern. The practitioner will also give you treatment cost estimates and a schedule for your follow-up treatments. 

Receive the Immediate Treatment You Need

Your emergency dentist will use a sedation option that suits your situation. This sedation will help you get as comfortable as possible during the treatment. Sedation will be necessary for dental procedures like endodontic dental treatment and tooth extraction. 

Treatment Procedures for Most Common Dental Emergencies in Pittsburgh, PA

How are Toothaches Treated? A root canal procedure may be necessary depending on the severity of the decay or injury. This treatment involves the removal of damaged, decayed, or infected tooth structures. A dental crown or filling is then used to help in restoring the tooth. 

Your dentist may have to perform an emergency tooth extraction if the dentist cannot save the injured or infected tooth. Your dental practitioner will discuss the available sedation options, especially if you are anxious or scared. 

How are Chipped Teeth Treated?

Your dentist can fix a chipped tooth. But you will need to carry the chipped piece to your appointment. The professional may cover a mild chipped tooth with a porcelain veneer. He or she may treat severe chips with a crown. 

How Are Cracked Teeth Treated

The treatment option for a cracked tooth will depend on the crack severity. Direct bonding is used for mild cosmetic cracks. A severe crack will require more invasive treatment, such as a root canal procedure. A crack that extends to the gum line may require extraction and replacement. 

How are Lost or Broken Fillings Treated?

Dentists usually start by examining the tooth to find out the cause. Next, they will fix a new filling or perform another procedure. If decay has progressed, they will remove the decayed part and insert a new filling or crown. They may carry out a root canal to protect the integrity of the tooth structure if the decay has significantly progressed. 

How are Knocked Out or Loose Teeth Treated?

Dentists use dental splinting to treat a loose or knocked-out tooth. This procedure involves joining teeth together with a reinforced thin fiber to enhance their stability. This procedure helps save loose or knocked-out teeth. It also protects the patient from the pain that could otherwise stem from a mobile tooth. 

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

When Should I Go to an Emergency Room (ER) Near Me?

You should always try your level best to take all your dental emergencies to a Pittsburgh emergency dentist near you. The emergency dental practitioner has the skills, equipment, and technology to address all your oral health issues. Emergency rooms mostly lack the staff, equipment, and expertise required to address true dental emergencies like a knocked-out tooth and severe toothache. Some injuries may, however, make an emergency room visit necessary. They include:

  • Jaw injury
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Fractured facial bones
  • Severe facial wounds
  • And other life-threatening problems. 

What are My Options for Making Dental Emergencies Affordable in Pittsburgh?

Practicing good oral hygiene habits is the most effective way to avoid painful and expensive dental emergencies. Routine brushing and flossing remove trapped food pieces and plaque that can cause tooth decay, oral infections, gum disease, and other oral health problems over time. 

Seeing your regular dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings can also help keep costly dental emergencies away. Your dentist will remove the stubborn plaque and tartar during routine cleanings. He or she will also identify dental problems and solve them during regular checkups.

Investing in dental insurance can also help offset the cost of emergency dental services. Other options include dental discount plans, care credit, and flexible payment options. You’ll need to find out your options for cutting costs from your emergency dentist. 

Let us help you quickly locate an open emergency dental office near your Pittsburgh home. Contact us at 888-461-7274 now!

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