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When you’re in a dental emergency, not being able to find a dentist’s office immediately can lead to stress, confusion, and unbearable pain. The fastest and safest way to alleviate severe pain is to visit an emergency dentist immediately.With our emergency dental care referral services, we have compiled an extensive directory of dental offices throughout the United States, including Oxnard, CA. With just one phone call to our 24/7 call specialists, we will direct you to the nearest emergency room.Whether it’s in the middle of the night, over the weekends, or after normal business hours, our expert emergency dentists are available around the clock. Contact us through our emergency toll-free number at 888-941-8655 to book an immediate appointment.

How to Effectively Deal with a Dental Emergency in Oxnard, CA?

Most often, dental emergencies occur spontaneously without any warning or signs. There are two types of dental issues that can arise: Minor dental problems and major emergency dental problems.

Minor dental problems: Such as slight tooth pain or teeth sensitivity, can be rectified through OTC pain relief medications or by applying a cold compress to the affected area. If the dental issues persist even after this, seek treatment right away.

Major emergency dental problems: Such as cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, infections in the gums, dental abscesses, broken teeth, etc., need immediate dental care. If it’s not treated right away, it can result in serious complications and would require complex procedures.

Prevent your dental emergency from becoming bad to worse by reaching out to a dental professional immediately. Fortunately, with our emergency dental care in Oxnard, you can get immediate attention to your dental issue. Our renowned emergency dentists are highly qualified in detecting, diagnosing, and performing proper treatment promptly.

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Why do you need a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist?

Do you or your family member have severe tooth pain that doesn’t seem to be going away? The first thing you should do is not to panic. The second thing is to seek an experienced emergency dentist immediately. The quicker the dental problem is taken care of, the less chance it becomes a severe dental emergency.

With our 24-hour emergency dental provider in areas and around Oxnard, we ensure that you get emergency dental care as soon as possible, especially if it’s in the middle of the night or after working business hours when the likelihood of an open dental office is slim. We help direct you to an emergency dentist available 24 hours near you.

All you need to do is call us at 888-941-8655 or do a simple search on our official website, Team Emergency Dental.

Frequently Occurring Dental Emergencies in Oxnard, CA

A dental emergency occurs when we least expect them. Sometimes it goes away on its own, while other times it’s persistent with unbearable, throbbing tooth pain. By addressing the dental problem swiftly through prompt emergency dentistry services, you can help prevent dental emergencies from escalating into major problems.

Following are some frequently occurring dental emergencies that need immediate dental care by expert emergency dentists:

Knocked-Out and Broken Teeth

Tooth injury as a result of an accident while playing sports, or falling, can result in a knocked-out tooth or broken teeth. This dental emergency, if not treated immediately, can be extremely painful and even, in some cases, cause serious dental issues. But when treated immediately after the injury, your knocked-out tooth can be re-attached back to its socket.

When you have a broken tooth, hold the tooth by the crown and not by the root. You should try to keep the tooth moist till you reach a dental office. For this, you can either try fitting it back in its socket or place them in milk to preserve.

Depending on the severity of the damaged tooth, your emergency dentist will re-attach your knocked-out tooth back to its previous or original position. Book a same-day appointment with our dental services for immediate medical attention.

Fractured, chipped, broken, or cracked tooth

These dental emergencies can result in excessive bleeding, severe tooth pain, and discomfort. Emergencies such as these dental traumas need immediate care from an experienced emergency dentist. If left untreated, the uneven, jagged edges of the chipped tooth can cause harm to the inside of the mouth, damaging soft tissues.

With our dental services in Oxnard, we deliver immediate help by connecting with our expert emergency professional near your home area. Treatment plans such as dental crowns, fillings, or a root canal can be performed successfully to rectify the problem.

Tooth Decay

Poor dental hygiene, untreated cavities, or bacteria accumulation in the teeth and gums can be some of the reasons for tooth decay. If you have severe pain in the tooth or sudden tooth loss, it might be a sign of deteriorating dental health. Reach out to an emergency dentist at once for dental treatment.

Can’t find a dentist’s office? Not to worry, with our dental referral services, we will connect you to our experienced dentists in Oxnard and surrounding areas. Treatment options such as dental fillings, crowns, or fluoride can be recommended. In extreme cases, root canals or tooth extraction can also be suggested.

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Schedule an appointment with our trusted dental services through our emergency toll-free phone number at 888-941-8655. We are available 24 hours a day, on all weeks and weekends, even on public holidays.

We cater to all your dental needs and general inquiries with the finest emergency dentistry services. You can also avail yourself of our walk-in dentist option in a dental emergency.

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