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Seek emergency dentistry services if you are in excruciating pain and discomfort. Seek these dental services if you have suffered dental trauma or accident, as well. Emergency dental treatment helps eliminate your pain instantly and restore your oral health. Our Referral Service will always help you set a same-day emergency appointment with an Overland Park emergency dentist near you. 

We are a one-stop center for all your urgent dental needs. We can direct you to walk-in dental clinics and late-night dental offices. We have a dental hotline 888-941-8655 that is always open 24 hours. You can call in the morning, at night, on weekends, or on holidays. Feel free to call whether you have dental insurance or not.

Tips for Handling Most Common Dental Emergencies

Remain Calm Common dental emergencies, including a knocked-out tooth, broken or cracked tooth, or painful abscess, can subject you to unbearable pain and confusion. Try your best to stay calm. Staying calm will enable you to make the right decision and act fast.

Emergency dentists in Overland Park, KS, can resolve virtually all dental concerns. What’s more, our referral specialists are available to connect you with an Overland Park emergency dentist as soon as possible. 

Resolving dental problems

Alleviate Pain

Swilling your mouth with warm saltwater can flush out bad bacteria and get the pain under control. Flossing can also alleviate pain if you are dealing with trapped food debris. DO NOT floss the affected area if you have a dental abscess. Doing that may cause the abscess to drain. The outcome will be the spread of the infection to other teeth, surrounding tissues, and the rest of the body. OTC painkillers, such as ibuprofen, are effective in alleviating pain. 

Reduce Swelling

You can use a warm or cold compress to bring down swelling on any part of your mouth. Place the compress on the cheek close to the swollen area. Switch between a hot and cold compress until the swelling reduces significantly. On top of alleviating pain, a saltwater rinse can also reduce swelling. 

Save Your Permanent Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a serious emergency. You must take the right steps quickly to stand a better chance of saving your permanent tooth. Search for the tooth and grab the crown when picking it up.

Ensure there is no visible dirt or debris by carefully rinsing them off. Store the tooth in a glass of cold milk, saline solution, or saliva. The objective here is to keep the tooth viable until you can get emergency treatment from a dentist. 

Stop any Bleeding

A dental accident or injury can injure soft tissues in your mouth, resulting in bleeding. Placing sterile gauze on the injured area and gently applying pressure can help stop the bleeding. Ideally, the bleeding should stop within 60 minutes. 

Go straight to a local emergency room (ER) if you are experiencing uncontrollable bleeding. The local ER doctor will help stop the bleeding and give you medication for your pain. You will still need to see a dentist in Overland Park, KS, to get your dental problems treated.

Book a Same-Day Dental Appointment

Call an emergency dentist in Overland Park, KS, after you have taken the necessary first-aid measures. The dentist will listen to you for at least a minute and determine the extent of your dental issue. The dental practitioner will then arrange an urgent visit or next-day visit, depending on the severity of your dental problem. 

Call our dental helpline 888-941-8655 if you don’t have the contact information of any emergency dentist in your location. You can also call our helpline if you can’t get hold of your urgent care dentist on the phone. One of our live operators will pair you with a reliable emergency dentist within 10 minutes. 

Why is Emergency Dental Care Indispensable?

Getting emergency dental care allows you to address your dental emergency promptly. Delaying treatment can expose you to more serious complications. If left untreated, a cracked tooth that could be fixed with a tooth-colored filling might get infected and need root canal therapy. An untreated dental abscess that could be resolved with drainage and some antibiotics might require a tooth extraction. Postponing treatment also subjects you to unbearable pain longer than it’s necessary. 

checking patients teeth

What Does a Walk-in Dentist Do?

Walk-in dentists usually address dental emergencies that arise during traditional office hours. As the name suggests, these dentists see patients without appointments. You just visit the clinic when it’s open, complete the required paperwork, and wait for your time to see the dentist. You can cut the waiting time by finding a walk-in dental office with openings for emergency appointments. Our referral specialists can direct you to such a dental office within seconds. 

Ensure you verify the license and credentials of the Overland Park emergency dentists you intend to visit. This is especially true if it’s the first time you are visiting that dental practitioner. The Kansas Dental Board and the Kansas government website are valuable resources for verifying your would-be dentist’s licenses and qualifications. 

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