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A severe tooth pain woke you in the middle of the night? Not to worry, our efficient dental services in Oakland provide around-the-clock dental care. We perform all procedures from tooth extraction, bleeding gums, braces alignment, and chipped teeth to dental trauma and general dentistry. With just one phone call, schedule an appointment and get treated by highly-qualified Oakland dentists.Call 888-941-8655 for any emergency. Our team of experts is available in your hour of need to provide assistance and appropriate treatment options based on your convenience.

How to Effectively Tackle Dental Emergencies in Oakland

Emergencies can occur anytime, except for a few signs such as tooth pain, discomfort, and sensitivity. There is no way to be prepared when it comes to oral issues. When it does happen, it can be at odd hours of the day when the likelihood of any clinic being open might be less or none. Our dental care ensures that the proper treatment options are always available on time throughout the week, even on weekends.


With the benefit of same-day appointments, diverse treatment options, and immediate attention to your oral problem, we ensure that you can tackle any urgent situation head-on.


Feel free to call our office, and we will immediately direct you to the concerned emergency dentists and support staff. No more wait time and rescheduling of appointments for the next day. We aim to keep our patients’ dental health as our main priority with our prompt services.

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Specialized Dental Services in Oakland, CA

Getting treated for a situation such as a broken tooth, tooth abscess, root canal, and such can be a daunting experience. We aim to offer specialized dental services to ease your worries while undergoing dental procedures.


Following are some of the specialized services you can look out for:


  • 24-hour dentist with years of experience and a team of skilled support staff.
  • Same-day appointments as well as walk-ins.
  • Thorough oral consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plans.
  • Advanced procedures and outstanding dental facilities.
  • No wait time and rescheduling, and immediate attention to emergency cases.
  • Availability of general dentistry and dental trauma care.
  • Convenience in payment options such as insurance, personal checks, cash, and credit cards.

What is considered a Dental Emergency?

It can be challenging to detect if your toothache is an emergency or just discomfort from drinking something very cold or due to a viral infection. Suppose your toothache presides even after taking pain relief medications or undergoing home remedies like applying a cold compress. In that case, the best action is to visit your nearest emergency dental office immediately.


Connect with our emergency dentists in Oakland for consultations and treatment of various common dental problems, such as the following:

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Tooth Abscess

If you have extreme toothaches, fever, bad breaths, and pain from an untreated cavity or an old tooth injury, it can be due to a tooth abscess. It is caused by bacterial infections that usually form inside the gums. If left untreated, the infection can spread through your mouth, jawbone, and other body parts. This requires treatment immediately from a professional.

Severe Tooth Pain

A dental emergency can be for severe tooth pain that doesn’t stop even after a considerable time. The reasons that extreme toothache can occur can be due to decay, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, or due to cavities. Neglecting to treat your oral issues can cause more complications. With our 24-hour care, procedures such as root canals can be done as an effective treatment.

Cracked, Chipped, Broken, and Lost Teeth

The cracked, broken, and chipped tooth should be fixed right away to avoid further dental injuries to the inside of your mouth. Reach out to your nearest clinic for immediate emergency dental care. A dental crown or cap can be fitted to your broken and cracked tooth to protect them.


A lost or missing tooth can result from tooth extraction to remove decay or damage. Visit our local dentists in Oakland to get the treatment done immediately and precisely.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums and soreness can be signs of gum disease and gingivitis. Check with an emergency dentist to find the root cause of the problem. Often it can be due to brushing or food particles stuck, which you do not have to worry about. Whatever the reason, if you feel soreness and bleeding, consult with an Oakland emergency dentist.

How to Overcome Dental Emergency?

When an emergency such as a knocked-out tooth, gum infection, or cracked tooth occurs, you must go to a local emergency room for immediate treatment. But specific measures can be followed daily and adapted into our lifestyle to effectively overcome emergencies and have that picture-perfect smile.


Some of the tips you can follow to overcome emergencies for good oral health are as follows:

Maintain daily dental hygiene

Brushing your teeth regularly can help maintain good oral health. It can remove unwanted and stuck food particles from your teeth and keep them clean. Flossing is also another practice that can be practiced along with brushing to maintain proper hygiene.

Dental cleanups

Visit your nearest dentist in Oakland for a routine checkup and cleanup twice a year. This can keep your oral health up to date and prevent significant dental emergencies like cavities and tooth decay. Your checkup can involve thoroughly cleaning plaque deposits that don’t come off with just brushing and other detailed treatments.


Use mouth guards as an extra protective covering for your mouth while playing sports or other activities where the risk of hitting or falling can be more. Wearing mouthguards can help shield your tooth from getting cracked or broken.

Keep track of food habits

Sweets, candies, and chocolate are everyone’s favorite treats, but consuming them in excess can do more damage than good. The best way to prevent your dental health from deteriorating is to keep track of your food habits and exercise restraint when it comes to scrumptious foods that can have a bad effect on your oral health in the long run.


Hard and firm food should also be avoided if you can’t bite into it. Forcing your jaw to bite down can be harmful and cause an emergency.

How Much Can Your Emergency Dental Care in Oakland Cost?

Urgent dental care costs can depend on the procedures and treatments you are availing of. This can be estimated after your dentist thoroughly checks your issues and gathers the leading cause of your dental problem.

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