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Most people know what to do when faced with a medical emergency – rushing to a nearby hospital emergency room. They, however, don’t know how to respond to an unforeseen dental emergency. Most rush to an emergency room (ER) for dental issues rather than emergency dental clinics. Most emergency rooms cannot handle extreme emergency dental situations like avulsed teeth and root canal infections.The ER medical professional will only perform some first aid, give you a bill, and ask you to visit an emergency dental facility immediately. Seeking emergency dental care from an emergency dentist is the best option when a dental emergency occurs.The only challenge is that dental emergencies often happen past normal business hours. Most dental offices are rarely open during this time. You might spend too much time searching for a local dentist if you don’t have one on call.Our emergency dental referral service can resolve this challenge. Our extensive list includes a variety of licensed and competent Newport News emergency dentists. We can set a same-day appointment for you within seconds. All you need is to call our phone line 888-941-8655. Our referral service in Newport News, VA, allows you to save time and receive the immediate dental treatment you require in time.

Common Reasons for Seeking Emergency Dental Services in Newport News, VA

Sports Accidents

Playing sports causes the highest number of damaged teeth among adults and children each year. That is according to the American Dental Association (ADA). A fitting mouthguard spreads the impact on the mouth across all teeth uniformly. This lowers the risk of a cracked, broken, or knocked-out tooth. 

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Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are also one of the top causes of dental trauma. The outer covering of your teeth (enamel) is extremely hard. It, however, cannot withstand the impact on your mouth during a vehicle accident. 

It’s best to seek assistance from an emergency room (ER) near you after a car accident. Getting examined by a doctor helps ensure you have not suffered physical injuries. You can then set an emergency appointment with an emergency dental provider in Newport News, Virginia. Our referral service can set this appointment for you.               

Unbearable and Unprovoked Toothaches

Many people in Newport News, Virginia, also require dental assistance because of extreme and unprovoked toothaches. Only a dentist can identify and treat the source of the severe tooth pain. It could be a severe decay that requires root canal therapy to remove the damage. It could also be an infection that has caused thinning of the gums, leaving the tooth and roots exposed. Urgent dental care is necessary to eliminate pain in both cases. 

An untreated tooth infection usually leads to an abscess, characterized by painful swelling filled with pus. Treatment for this potentially life-threatening condition involves removing the infection and eliminating pain. Your dentist begins with an X-ray to identify the type, severity, and location of the abscess.

Dental Emergency FAQs

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any sudden concern with your teeth, dental appliances, or the jaw that might need the prompt attention of a top urgent care dentist. Damaged braces, knocked-out teeth, cracked or chipped teeth, excessive bleeding, and oral infections are common dental emergencies in Newport News, VA. 

What Dental Concerns Require Immediate Treatment but are Not Emergencies?

Some dental emergencies like loose braces or broken dental fillings may be urgent but do not require a night trip to an emergency dentist. You can take some temporary measures to protect your dental and oral health. You can then make a next-day appointment with your dentist. 

Applying dental wax on loose braces can prevent them from injuring your gums. Covering your tooth with dental cement or temporary filling can prevent infections until you can get a new filling or crown placed. 

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Get Emergency Dental Care Services Now

Only a dentist can determine whether your dental issue requires a same-day or next-day appointment. So, ensure you call an emergency dentist before waiting or making a night trip. Our referral specialists are ready to provide you with the contact information of a Newport News emergency dentist near you. Call our emergency helpline 888-941-8655 now! 

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