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Team Emergency Dental is your trusted dental referral service. We are conversant with the dentistry field in Moreno Valley, CA. We have built strong connections with dental professionals in this city. As such, we can hook you up with an emergency dentist in minutes. Our phone lines are open day and night, including on weekends.Call 888-941-8655 to speak with one of our live representatives anytime a dental emergency strikes. The representative will gather a few details about your dental emergency and location. The rep will then direct you to an emergency dentistry practice close to your home.

Why are Emergency Dentistry Services Crucial?

Emergency dentistry services help relieve the pain and protect your oral health from additional complications. Dental splinting, for instance, replants a knocked-out tooth back to its socket. 

Root canal therapy treats infections that have spread to the pulp. This dental treatment helps save your permanent tooth. It also stops the infection from spreading to the rest of the teeth and surrounding tissues. 

An emergency tooth extraction removes a tooth that is damaged beyond repair. A 24-hour emergency dentist in Moreno Valley, CA, opts for this procedure after trying everything to preserve the natural tooth. 

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Common Dental Emergencies that Need Immediate Care

Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

This dental emergency usually arises from an impact on the mouth. It may occur after a fall on a hard surface, a car accident, or a sports accident. Seek immediate dental care to stand a better chance of saving the tooth. 

Swollen or Injured Gums

Swelling or injury on your gums can cause you extreme pain and discomfort. Eating, drinking, and even talking can become extremely painful in this situation. Infections, tooth fractures, and vigorously brushing your teeth are the main causes of infected or injured gums. Go to a dentist’s office near you to get your swollen or injured gum treated. If you are struggling to locate a local walk-in dentist, contact us at 888-941-8655 for a prompt referral. 

Severe Toothache / Dental Pain

Toothaches are unpredictable. They can strike any time. They occur because of numerous causes, including trauma, decay, and infections. Get immediate relief from your excruciating tooth pain by rushing to a Moreno Valley emergency dentist in your location. 

You can apply a cold compress over the tooth while you wait to receive treatment. An OTC pain reliever may also minimize your pain. 

Trapped Object Between Your Teeth

You might experience unbearable pain when an object gets trapped between your teeth. This dental emergency occurs more frequently among people with gapped teeth. Try to remove the object by flossing around the affected area. Only use dental floss in this process of removing stuck objects. If all your efforts are unsuccessful, make an emergency appointment with a nearby emergency dentistry practice.  

Preventative Dentistry: What is It & its role in Reducing Dental Emergency Risk?

Preventative dentistry refers to dental services and practices instrumental in maintaining or improving oral health. It’s a perfect blend of routine dental checkups and good oral hygiene practices like regular brushing and flossing of the teeth. 

An effective preventive dentistry plan involves both you and your dentist. Your roles include brushing and flossing daily, mindful chewing, and using teeth for the correct purposes. They also include avoiding poor dental practices, such as smoking, overconsumption of sugary foods, and playing contact sports without a mouth guard. 

Your dentist can offer you preventive dentistry care, such as oral exams and professional cleanings. The responsibility of seeking these services lies on your shoulder. 

Preventive dentistry lowers your risk of developing dental emergencies in the following ways: 

  • It prevents plaque and tartar from accumulating inside your mouth. This significantly reduces the risk of your tooth decaying or getting infected. It also reduces your risk for gum disease and other serious oral health conditions. 
  • It allows early detection of dental issues, which goes a long way in reducing treatment costs. 
  • It makes good oral hygiene practices part of your life. 

Why You Should Use Our Emergency Dental Referral Service

Limited Research Time: We have already done all the required research for you. We have information about all reliable emergency dentists in Moreno Valley, CA. We will link you with one near your neighborhood within seconds. You probably just need to verify the credentials of that dentist on the American Dental Association (ADA) site. 

Immediate Treatment: We will help you get prompt treatment for any dental emergencies you might be experiencing. 

24-Hour Dental Hotline: Our dental hotline is open 24 hours a day. Call any time you want to locate emergency dental services. 

Professional, caring, and courteous referral specialists: We have courteous referral specialists that treat you with respect. They care about you and strive to get you the much-needed treatment as soon as possible. 

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