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You never know when you might need emergency dental treatment in Modesto, CA. Why? Dental emergencies are unpredictable. You can develop extreme tooth pain when you are working on an essential task in the office. Your dental filling or crown can loosen or fall out when enjoying your lunch. You can suffer severely cracked or broken teeth following a fall during an evening run.These dental emergencies may occur when your general dentist is closed or unreachable. Finding a Modesto emergency dentist with an accommodating schedule is the only way to get permanent relief from your pain and discomfort. Sadly, such dentists are hard to find. But that is not a problem for us.We have a complete listing of dependable emergency dental services providers in Modesto, CA. We can find the right Modesto dentist for your urgent dental needs promptly. We can even help you navigate the intricacies of scheduling an immediate appointment. Call us at 888-941-8655 if you need a dental appointment today for any emergency dentistry service.

When Should You Seek Emergency Dental Care in Modesto, CA?

You will know you have a dental emergency if you experience sudden dental pain and discomfort. Tooth damage and soft-tissue injuries caused by facial impact also qualify as true dental emergencies.

Make an emergency dentist visit immediately if you have any problem in your mouth with significant immediate risks to your dental health. The following dental emergencies require immediate treatment.

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Severely Cracked or Broken Teeth

A severe tooth fracture can cause sharp, persistent pain. Worse cases of fractures can leave your whole body radiating with pain. Prompt treatment is the surest way to eliminate the pain. It also increases the odds of saving your permanent tooth. 

A cold compress application on the injury site, a warm salt-water rinse, and an OTC pain killer are the temporary pain relief options for a severe tooth fracture. 

Damaged or Loose Dental Crowns or Fillings

Many patients in Modesto think a loose or damaged crown or filling doesn’t qualify as a dental emergency. They take days or weeks before visiting a Modesto dentist for repair or replacement. They are surprised when their dentist recommends an emergency tooth extraction because of the extensive damage. Don’t make that mistake. Get your loose or broken filling or crown fixed within the same day or the next day at most. 

Failing to get a loose or damaged crown or filling repaired exposes the affected tooth to bacteria infections and decay. The damage quickly spreads to the pulp chamber and results in significant damage. Before a severe toothache forces you to seek emergency dental care, the damage is often irreversible. 

Cover the exposed tooth with dental cement while you wait to visit a conveniently located emergency dental office. Use the opposite side for chewing to avoid causing further damage. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

A fall, sports trauma, and an accident can knock out your tooth from its socket. You need to call a Modesto emergency dentist immediately when dealing with a knocked-out tooth. The dentist will guide you in preserving the tooth and managing the pain. The practitioner will require you to visit the office as soon as possible to stand a better chance of saving the tooth.

Generally, a knocked-out tooth is handled by the crown. It’s preserved by storing it in a small plastic bag of cold milk or salt water. It can also be kept moist between the cheek and the gums. Cold compresses can help with the pain and swelling. 

Swollen Gums

A bulge on any part of your gums is a common symptom of a severe infection. Get the bulge drained and the infection treated before it’s too late. Don’t try to drain the swelling at home. Instead, try to reduce it by placing an ice pack over it and applying light pressure. 

Emergency Tooth Extraction in Modesto, CA

Tooth removal is always the last intervention among dentists. Modesto emergency dentists usually try all treatment options before considering extraction. They will note down your symptoms, examine the affected tooth, and capture an X-ray.

They will then carefully review the findings to determine the treatment option that might save the tooth. They will only proceed with an extraction if they are out of options. 

You may need an emergency extraction if you have crowded or impacted teeth. Severe tooth decay, fracture, and gum disease are other common reasons for tooth extractions. 

Don’t postpone an extraction recommended by your dentist. Doing that will only exacerbate the problem. An infection may spread to the rest of the teeth, further endangering your dental and oral health. Your treatment costs may also skyrocket quite fast.

Cutting-edge dentistry technology, new techniques, and effective sedative agents have made dental extraction a simple and painless procedure. A post-operative swelling and slight bleeding may occur after the procedure. Applying an ice pack on the cheek over the extraction site can eliminate the swelling quickly. Putting a piece of gaze on the site can also help combat bleeding. 

Full recovery after the procedure will take a few days. Your walk-in dentist will give you some post-extraction care instructions to speed up your recovery. These instructions include: 

  • Taking prescribed pain and antibiotic medications as recommended 
  • Eating soft foods to keep the clot on the wound intact 
  • Avoiding alcoholic drinks and tobacco products 
  • Avoiding mouth rinse, forceful spitting, or sucking
  • Avoiding brushing or flossing the site for the length of time recommended by your dentist 

Contact our phone number 888-941-8655 for assistance in locating dental clinics that perform highest-quality emergency dental extractions in Modesto, CA. We will give you a list of several dental clinics near your home. We will also help you select the right dental clinic for your upcoming extraction. 

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Root Canal Treatment: When is it Necessary?

Generally, root canal therapy is necessary when a bacterial infection has damaged the pulp chamber. Dentists detect this damage after capturing X-rays and reviewing the findings. Bacterial infection often results in pulpal inflammation, providing favorable conditions for the growth and spread of bacteria. 

A loose tooth, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, and unprovoked toothache are some common signs of infected pulp. Get emergency dental care right after you experience any of these symptoms. The sooner you see an emergency dentist for a root canal treatment, the higher the chance of the procedure becoming successful. 

Over-the-counter pain medicines will help you combat the pain and discomfort. But you should undergo the procedure as soon as possible to treat the underlying issue. Otherwise, your dentist will have to extract the infected tooth. 

Before the procedure, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb the area and keep you comfortable. He or she will remove the infected structure, fill the root canal, and cover the tooth with a dental crown or filling.

Give us a call at 888-941-8655 whenever you need to find a Modesto emergency dentist quickly. Our live operators will answer your call immediately and match you with an available emergency dentistry specialist. 

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