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Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Whether it’s a traumatic dental injury or knocked-out tooth, getting quality immediate care can help restore your healthy smile. Your dental problem may become more harmful over time if you delay getting emergency dental care. The pain and discomfort may be unmanageable, especially if the damage or infection has affected the root canal. You may require complex and expensive treatment procedures. For these reasons, you should never put off urgent dental care in Mesa, AZ.

Our referral service can give you a dependable list of all available dentists in Mesa, AZ. Just call our number 888-771-4655 right after a dental emergency happens. We will do everything possible to help you secure an emergency dental appointment. If your dental emergency stem from a car crash or sports injury, we will direct you to a nearby local emergency room (ER).

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Dental emergencies seem to happen at the most inconvenient time. A chipped tooth, for instance, can cause you a throbbing toothache when you are about to retire to bed. A tooth infection may affect you during a business or networking event. Such an infection may require an emergency tooth canal. Do not ignore these problems. Instead, call our emergency service line 888-771-4655. Our professional team will hook you up with the best emergency dentist in Mesa, AZ, to address your issues. 

It’s difficult for someone without the necessary dentistry skills to identify dental problems that require immediate attention and those that can wait. Contact your dentist immediately if you think you or a family member has a tooth problem that requires emergency care. 

Your dental practitioner may need to capture X-rays and perform a comprehensive exam to identify the underlying cause of the problem. A careful assessment of the test results can help the practitioner put you on an effective treatment plan.

Can a knocked-out tooth be replanted in Mesa, AZ? You might ask. Yes. An avulsed tooth can be replanted if you get to a Mesa emergency dentist as soon as possible. The good thing is that you don’t have to waste time searching for an after-hours dental clinic near you. We already have a detailed list along with credible contact information of reliable after-hours clinics and emergency dentistry practitioners. Call us and take the necessary steps to preserve your tooth. 

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Preserving a knocked-out tooth as you wait to see a dental professional may involve gently rinsing the tooth. It may also involve keeping it in a container of milk or saline solution. 

A severe abscess or dental cavity can result in significant pain. Gargling with warm water and taking a pain medication can provide the necessary relief before you get to an open dental office. Your dental professional may need to perform an emergency root canal repair or an emergency tooth extraction. Dentists often use these emergency dental treatments when infections have spread to the tooth’s inner layer. 

Other most common dental emergencies in Mesa, AZ, which may require emergency dental treatments include:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth 
  • Damaged dental work 
  • Lost crown or filling 
  • Broken teeth 
  • Teeth sensitivity 
  • Something caught between teeth 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Fractured teeth 
  • Broken denture
  • Soft tissue injuries 

Qualities of a Reliable Emergency Dentist in Mesa, AZ

How do you choose the best urgent care dentist for your emergency dental needs with all the numerous options available? Emergency dentists aren’t cut from the same cloth – some might not be ideal for your unique situation. Consider the following aspects when searching for Mesa emergency dentists: 

Round-the-Clock Availability

Dental emergencies do not take a break simply because your dentist’s office has closed. In fact, they often seem to arise when your general dentistry office has closed. So, you need an urgent care practice with 24/7 availability. 

The dental practitioner must have a 24-hour helpline that you can call when a dental issue arises. A courteous customer support representative must be on standby to answer calls from emergency patients. 

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Emergency Dental Appointments

Serious dental problems require emergency treatment. Does your potential urgent care practice allow immediate appointments? That’s the question you must ask yourself during your research. Although our referral service will always refer you to the best emergency dental practitioners, there is no harm in doing your independent research. 

Multiple Sedation Dentistry Options

Consider the sedation dentistry options your potential emergency dentist has to offer. This is especially crucial if you often experience anxiety when you think about getting your teeth cleaned or visiting an emergency dentistry practice. A minimal sedation option, such as nitrous oxide, can keep you awake but comfortable throughout the dental treatment. Deep sedation keeps you awake but almost unconscious, while general anesthesia keeps you totally unconscious. Call your urgent care dentist’s office ahead of your appointment to learn the available options to keep you relaxed during dental treatment. 

Multiple Treatment Options

Your urgent care dental clinic should have all the necessary treatments for common dental emergencies in Mesa, Arizona. A competent emergency dentist should give you the care you require, not refer you to another inconveniently located clinic. You can’t predict the dental problems you’ll face down the road. You should, therefore, select a practice that can help you regardless of the issue. 

Flexible Payment Options and Competitively Priced Services

Does the emergency dental clinic take your dental insurance? If it does not, find out if the clinic has other payment options. Cash, checks, and credit cards are examples of other payment options. 

Find out how much the clinic charges for various emergency dental treatments. Are there financing options to help emergency patients offset dental costs? For instance, does the clinic offer a discount plan? 

Polite, Caring, and Professional Staff

A dental crisis can be painful and stressful. Dealing with a rude dental practitioner or staff in this situation is like adding salt to the injury. Choose a dental urgent care office with courteous professionals willing to help you in your hour of need. Check out reviews and testimonials from previous patients to help you make an informed decision. 

Relevant Experience and Credentials

Some dental treatments like root canal and tooth extraction require skill and experience for excellent execution and safety of the patient. The outcome can be disastrous if you get such treatments from fly-by-night dentist’s offices. Choose an emergency dentistry expert with relevant academic qualifications and enough experience.

 Visit local, state, and national dental associations to verify the credentials of your would-be dentist. Of course, you might not have time to do this when you are in the middle of a dental crisis. And that’s where our referral service proves helpful. We can recommend a highly-trained emergency dental professional with all the necessary credentials and professional association memberships.

Call our referral specialist at 888-771-4655 so we can give you a list of dental clinics in your Mesa neighborhood. This list will help narrow your search, making choosing the right dentist for your dental needs quick and stress-free. 

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