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Are you experiencing severe dental pain or swollen gums? Do you have a knocked-out or severely broken tooth? These dental emergencies happen at the least expected time. In fact, they tend to happen past normal business hours. Only an emergency dentist can get you out of the pain and discomfort associated with these emergencies. 

The search process for emergency dentists in Little Rock, AR, is usually long and stressful. Our referral service, however, speeds up this search process. We have already identified all the open urgent care dentists in this city. As such, we will hook you up with an emergency dentist within short notice. We can also aid you in setting a stress-free same-day appointment. 

A True Dental Emergency – What is It?

A true dental emergency refers to any dental issue likely to be life-threatening. This category is quite restricted. It includes issues like an injury to the mouth that is causing difficulty breathing or swallowing. It also includes uncontainable bleeding and a quickly spreading dental or oral infection. 

These emergencies require emergency treatment to reduce the risk to your life. As such, you should seek the immediate attention of a Little Rock Emergency Dentist. Head straight to a local emergency room if your search for an urgent care dentist near you is fruitless.  

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An Urgent Dental Condition

Urgent dental conditions are dental problems that need prompt treatment to eliminate pain and keep the problem from worsening. Common dental emergencies under this category include: 

  • Cracked or broken teeth 
  • Knocked-out tooth 
  • Severe toothache that resists temporary relief options like painkillers and cold compress 
  • Exposed pulp chamber due to an injury 
  • Infected or swollen wisdom tooth 
  • Dental or gums infection 
  • Lost or damaged crown or filling 
  • Dental abscess 

The above list isn’t comprehensive. Don’t overthink before calling an emergency dentistry specialist in Little Rock, AR, to find out whether your dental problem requires immediate care. Some urgent dental conditions, such as a severe cavity, may not present pain. They, however, require emergency dental care. 

Scheduling an Urgent Dental Appointment

You have two options to schedule an emergency appointment with an urgent care dentist in Little Rock, AR. The first option involves searching for an emergency dentist on your own and calling that dentist to plan a visit. 

The second option involves working with an online dental referral service. You call the referral service and request to be matched with an urgent care dentist in your neighborhood. You can also request a referral service to handle the appointment scheduling process. 

Working with a referral service saves your precious time. It allows you to bypass the search and scheduling process. It also saves you unnecessary waiting times, as dental referral specialists can quickly find emergency dentists with openings for dental emergencies. 

Team Emergency Dental is an authority in matching dental patients with the best Little Rock emergency dentists. Give us a call 844-700-1220 whenever you need to schedule an emergency dental visit in this beautiful city. 

What to Do as You Wait for Your Emergency Appointment

Try to manage the dental emergency as you wait for the dental professional to see you. The things you should do will depend on the specific problem you are facing. If you are dealing with unbearable tooth pain, for instance, a warm saltwater rinse can offer much-needed temporary pain relief. Flossing around the problematic tooth can also lessen the pain.

If an accident or trauma has knocked out your tooth, carefully retrieve and clean it. Try to slide it back into the socket if you can. If you can’t, place it in cold milk and rush to a dental care facility near you. Note that you generally have 60 minutes to save your permanent tooth. So, ensure you are at the dentist’s office as soon as possible. 

Don’t take extremely cold or hot food and drinks if you have a tooth abscess. Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. Don’t floss around the affected tooth. Rinsing with warm salt water can help minimize the discomfort. 

Treatment Options for Some Common Dental Emergencies

Severe dental pain often indicates an infection or injury has affected the nerve tissues in the tooth’s inner layer. The treatment option for the infection or damage is root canal therapy. A tooth extraction is sometimes the only option, especially when permanent damage has happened. 

An emergency dentist can re-plant a viable avulsed tooth. Generally, the dental professional will support the avulsed tooth with other teeth using a splint. The dentist will remove the splint a couple of weeks later when the treatment is complete. 

For an abscess, a dental practitioner drains the abscess as a temporary relief measure. The practitioner may perform a root canal procedure to remove the infected fragments inside the tooth. The dental practitioner may need to perform an extraction if the tooth is permanently damaged. 

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