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Imagine a scenario where you are dealing with a dislodged tooth or unbearable dental pain. Your regular dentist has already closed because it’s past normal office hours. You have searched online and called around, but no dentist seems available. You are worried, confused, and in pain. That’s exactly what you are likely to experience if don’t know where to find an emergency dentist in Laredo, TX.Our dental referral service ensures you don’t have to experience such a traumatizing experience ever. We have reduced the time it takes to locate Laredo emergency dentists to just a few seconds.We can direct you to a conveniently-located Laredo, TX, emergency dental clinic within a minute. You just need to call us 888-771-4655 whenever you need to get your emergency dental needs addressed.

Understanding Your Options for Urgent Dental Care Services in Laredo, TX

You will make a wise decision more quickly if you know your options for emergency dental care services in Laredo, TX. This consideration applies whether you are new or live in this city. Your options for getting dental emergencies treated in Laredo include: 

Walk-in Dentist

If your dental emergency occurs within normal office hours, go to a walk-in dentist’s clinic. You don’t need to make an appointment. You just need to walk to the reception, complete some forms, and wait for your turn to enter the treatment room. Call us so we can give you a list of all walk-in clinics near your Laredo home. 

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After-Hour Dentist

An after-hour dentist has office hours beyond the traditional business hours. After-hour dentists can be available as late as 9:00 PM. Some open even on weekends for a couple of hours. They address dental concerns that occur after regular office hours.

 They offer flexibility – you can get the dental care you need without necessarily missing work. You also don’t have to cancel a trip if your dental problem can wait a few hours. We will direct you to an after-hour dental practitioner in your location within seconds. Call our helpline
888-771-4655 now!

24-Hour Emergency Dentist

These dentists offer emergency dental care both during the day and at night. Unfortunately, Laredo has very few 24-hour emergency dentists. Give us a call if you are facing a dental emergency at midnight. We will assist you in finding a conveniently located urgent dental clinic. 

Serious dental injuries arising from a car crash or a bad fall may require you to visit the nearest hospital emergency room. This is especially the case if you have a broken jawbone, excessive oral bleeding, and difficulty swallowing.

 The emergency room doctor will examine you, identify your non-dental injuries, and treat them. The doctor will then tell you to see an urgent care dentist if the ER doesn’t have an on-call dentist.  

Common Emergency Dental Services in Laredo, TX

Tooth Replantation

A dental professional can replant a knocked-out tooth if you arrive at the clinic within 60 minutes after the incident. Delaying in seeing a dentist reduces the chances of getting the tooth replanted.

 If the tooth can’t be replanted, your dental professional will replace it with your preferred oral prosthetic. It could be a dental implant or a removable partial denture. It could also be an implant-supported bridge if you have multiple knocked-out teeth. 

Broken Tooth Treatment

A break that leaves the affected tooth with an exposed pulp chamber requires urgent dental care. Treating the severely broken tooth as soon as possible keeps the pulp chamber from getting infected. 

A root canal procedure may be necessary to disinfect the pulp chamber. A dental crown is then placed to protect the tooth from infection. A severely damaged tooth can get infected and cause severe toothaches if left untreated. The risk of an emergency tooth extraction can also increase significantly. 

Tooth Infection Treatment

Tooth infection happens when decay or damage opens up the pulp chamber, allowing bacteria and acids to enter. The acids hurt the nerves and other soft tissues in the pulp chamber, causing agonizing toothaches. The bacteria infect the pulp chamber, further worsening the pain. Laredo dentists usually use a root canal procedure to treat an infected tooth. 

Use our dental referral service to locate an emergency dentist’s office near you in Laredo. We can also help you book a same-day appointment. Call 956-306-4333 for prompt assistance. 

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