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Any dental concerns that disrupt your schedule at work or keep you from functioning well at home qualify as a dental emergency. You need to get this issue resolved as fast as possible. Your regular dentist in Kansas City, MO, might be closed when you are in the middle of an emergency dental situation. But that doesn’t mean you should endure pain and discomfort for countless hours.

Our 24/7 referral service assures you that you will find an emergency dentist in Kansas City, MO, within minutes. We have called around and done all the necessary research. We know exactly where you can find emergency dental care in this vast city at any time of the day or night. Simply call us at 888-941-8655, and our referral staff will offer you a list of all open Kansas City emergency dental offices.

Emergency Dental Treatment Options in Kansas City, MO

Kansas City regular dental clinics usually operate from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. If a dental issue arises before or after this office hours, then these dental clinics won’t help. But before you get worried, you should know that you have other options to address your dental problems. 

Kansas City has several after-hours clinics that can provide quality emergency dental care. These clinics operate past traditional business hours, with some staying open as late as 10.00 PM. An after-hours clinic can be a perfect choice if you need to see a dentist after work or school. But you’ll need to make an appointment. Most Kansas City after-hours clinics often offer same-day appointments to new and existing patients. 

The city has a couple of walk-in clinics, as well. If you have an issue that requires immediate attention during regular office hours, visit a walk-in clinic. Unlike an after-hours clinic, an appointment is unnecessary for a walk-in clinic. You simply visit the clinic, complete the necessary paperwork, and wait for your turn to see a dental professional. 

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First Aid Tips for Common Dental Emergencies in Kansa City, MO

A dental emergency can stem from an infection that worsens over time or a forceful impact on the mouth. No matter the cause, the resulting pain and discomfort can be unbearable. The following first aid tips will help you manage your dental problem until an emergency dentist can see you:


Dental pain can arise suddenly. The most probable cause of this dental problem is an infection that has worsened with time because of poor oral hygiene. Start by flossing around the affected tooth to remove any food debris causing your pain.

If the tooth pain lingers, take an OTC pain reliever. If that does not help, call an urgent dental office right away. A root canal procedure may be necessary to remove the infection and save your natural tooth. 

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Act fast when you are dealing with a chipped or broken tooth. Seeing a dental practitioner on time may increase the chances of the tooth getting repaired. If it’s damaged severely, the dentist may need to extract it. Collect any pieces of your broken or chipped teeth and wash them with clean water to remove the dirt. Place a piece of gauze on the affected area to stop bleeding. If you have any swelling, use a cold compress to reduce it. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

Find and collect the knocked-out tooth without touching the root. Carefully rinse off the dirt. Place gauze on the wounded area to prevent any further bleeding. If possible, try to slide the tooth back into its socket. If impossible, keep it soaked in milk or water until an emergency dentistry specialist can see you. The dentist might replant it if you get to the office within 30 minutes to an hour.  

Lost Filling or Crown

Your dental filling or crown may fall out for various reasons, including loosening due to chewing of hard foods or further tooth decay. Use dental cement to cover the exposed area to prevent infections before you can receive emergency dental services.

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Whether you are a visitor or a resident of Kansas City, Team Emergency Dental is your reliable partner for finding quality emergency dental care. The emergency dentists on our listing are licensed, experienced, and part of the American Dental Association.

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