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24-Hour Emergency Dental Care in Honolulu, HI

Do you have a dental emergency? Perhaps a broken tooth, cracked teeth, tooth decay, or is it just a sharp pain in the tooth that won’t go away? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Our emergency dental care in Honolulu has great dental services, such as a highly qualified network of emergency dentists, friendly staff, easy access to emergency services, attractive dental coverage, and oral health care.

Dental emergencies can happen out of the blue. You might be sleeping in the middle of the night, in the office, or visiting the areas surrounding Honolulu or ala Moana; emergencies can happen anytime. Having trusted emergency dentistry nearby can enable swift diagnoses and treatments in your hour of need.

Schedule an appointment by dialing 888-461-7274 and get treated immediately. Our Honolulu dentists are available around the clock for all your dental concerns.

Emergency Dental Services in Honolulu

Prompt dental emergency treatments can help in immediate relief against unbearable pain. Coupled with great dental services and benefits, it can promote stress-free consultations and diagnoses and enable fast recovery time. With our dental care in Honolulu and surrounding areas, we ensure that precise treatment plans for all your problems are provided with immediate help. Some of those services are as follows:

Routine dental health care checkups such as dental cleaning and detailed examination.

  • 24/7 emergency appointment on all weeks, even on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Emergency, restorative, and general dentistry by a group of experienced dentists.
  • Experienced group of emergency dentists and friendly staff,
  • 24-hour customer care representatives.
  • Cover costs through affordable insurance packages, credit cards, cash, or checks.
  • Walk-in dentist option for patients with urgent needs.
  • Immediate treatment for all common dental emergencies.
  • Emergency dental treatment with advanced procedures and thorough diagnoses.
  • Same day appointment through an emergency toll-free number.

Pediatric Dentistry in Honolulu, HI

This dentistry deals with the dental health of children from birth through adolescence. The age limit for this special unit is from 6 months old until when the child develops his/her first adult teeth, till teens. The primary focus is to treat dental problems and educate children and parents about dental hygiene and how best to take care of growing teeth in the long run properly.

With our dental care in Honolulu, we ensure that your children’s delicate teeth and oral health are well taken care of by our expert pediatric dentists. Our responsibilities when it comes to children’s oral needs are as follows:

  • To monitor the development and growth of teeth.
  • Pediatric pulp therapy
  • Filling cavities
  • Initial orthodontic care
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental treatments for injuries like a cracked, broken, or knocked-out tooth.
  • Infant dental exam
  • Dental care counseling like thumb sucking and pacifiers.
  • Teeth correction and straightening.
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How to determine if you have a dental emergency?

If you experience symptoms such as severe pain, sensitive tooth, swollen jaw, or any such issues, visit your nearest dental office immediately for diagnosis and treatment. In some situations, it might be minor concerns that gradually lessen over time. Whatever may be the reason, it is advisable to reach out to a professional qualified in dentistry. This approach can not only determine if you have an emergency or not, but it can also save your dental problems from escalating and causing further complications.

Here are a few common dental emergencies to look out for.

Chipped, cracked, and knocked out tooth

These dental conditions can happen due to accidents, blunt trauma, or heavy impact on the front tooth that causes chipped, broken, or cracked tooth. This dental problem should be treated right away to avoid further complications like injury inside the mouth. Get treated by our finest emergency dentists in Honolulu with tooth crowns or caps to insulate your broken teeth from getting damaged again.

A knocked-out tooth can cause extreme dental pain if not treated immediately. Emergency treatment such as dentures can be recommended to protect your tooth and keep them stable.

Lost filling

If you have cavities, tooth fillings or crowns can be used to treat your dental issue. These fillings need to be properly maintained to avoid wear and tear. Eventually, they need to be replaced with new fillings. If you have a lost filling or a crown, reach out to your nearby emergency dentist at once. If left untreated, it has the potential to cause tooth decay and, ultimately, loss of the tooth.

Make a trip to our office to fix your fillings with a replacement filling, crown, caps, or in some cases, root canal and emergency tooth extraction.

Gum diseases

Gum diseases are serious conditions that need urgent medical attention. It is caused due to rapid spread of infection in the teeth and gums. If it’s not right away, it can lead to damage to gums and even loss of a tooth. Watch out for symptoms such as red and tender gums and swollen jaws.

Periodontal or gum diseases can be treated through clean-up of the affected areas. If the disease is at an advanced stage, it may require surgery. Reach out to our service care in Honolulu and get precise consultation and treatments.

Severe tooth pain

If there are no changes to your tooth pain even after taking pain relief medications and using a cold compress on the affected areas and various such home remedies, then it’s time to make an emergency visit to the clinic. This serious condition can be the cause of infection between the tooth, decay, cavities, or due to wisdom tooth removal.

If you choose our service in Honolulu, we ensure painless treatment through either tooth extraction or root canal to be done for immediate relief.

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How to avoid a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are inevitable when you experience intense pain in the tooth, have a chipped tooth, infection in the gums, or a broken tooth. In these instances, visiting an emergency room is advisable to prevent further damage to your teeth and mouth. But in a few cases, emergencies can be avoided by following certain simple daily routines that can not only benefit your oral health but promote overall good body maintenance and function.

Here is how you can avoid a dental emergency by following these easy tips:

Dental hygiene, such as keeping your teeth and mouth clean by brushing and cleaning your tongue every day, is vital in preventing dental issues. If not done right, it can lead to infections or decay that can escalate problems like cavities and gum infections.

Regular checkups with your dentist can also help in keeping track of your oral health. Through detailed exams and consultation, you can be one step ahead in treating oral-related issues.

Lifestyle changes can result in unhealthy food habits that can lead to poor maintenance of teeth and mouth. Avoid certain foods that can cause harm to your teeth and overall oral health.

Visit our emergency service in Honolulu, HI, for dental-related concerns

Book an appointment by dialing 888-461-7274 in case of emergency needs. Our expert 24-hour dentists are available to offer swift urgent services for all your queries and treatments.

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