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Team Emergency Dental is a valuable resource for quickly navigating the long and tiresome process of locating an emergency dentist in Henderson. Our 24/7 toll-free phone number enables you to speak to a live patient support representative who can aid you in identifying an emergency dentist near you. The representative can also schedule an appointment with a nearby urgent dentist’s office for you.Over time, we have compiled an extensive listing of Henderson emergency dentists. Our listing includes 24-hour emergency dentists, walk-in dentists, and after-hour dentists. This listing allows us to address any dental emergency you might be facing, no matter the time and location. Call our phone number 888-461-7274 to get emergency dental care in your hour of need.

Where Can I Get Emergency Dental Care in Henderson

Your options for getting emergency dental care in Henderson include:

Emergency Dental Clinic

Emergency dental clinics provide immediate dental treatment to patients in emergency dental situations. These clinics have emergency dentists available within and outside traditional office hours. They have a 24-hour helpline that patients can call to schedule emergency appointments.

An emergency dentistry office can offer the much-needed treatment if you are in an emergency dental situation at night. Call us if you can’t locate any urgent dentist’s office in your neighborhood or if your call has gone unanswered. We will quickly direct you to a clinic that will answer your call within seconds and advise you on the next course of action. 

After-Hour Dental Clinics

After-hour clinics in Henderson are not limited by the standard business hours and schedule. They usually open for extended hours on weekdays. Some operate for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. If you develop a severe toothache or any other dental emergency after work, visit an after-hour clinic. Contact us for help in getting a 24-hour dentist appointment with a reliable after-hour clinic near you. 

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Walk-in Dentist Office

This office offers walk-in dental services to all patients who visit. That means you can show up whenever the office is open and receive immediate treatment. The main advantage of this type of dental office is that appointments are unnecessary. 

Ideally, a walk-in dentist’s office is intended to provide the same services as regular dental offices. But because walk-in dental patients are usually looking for emergency dental care, walk-in dentists are likely to focus on emergency dentistry services over regular checkups and cleanings. Walk-in dental offices can provide the following services: 

  • Re-implanting or replacing a knocked-out permanent tooth 
  • Filling cavities 
  • Repairing a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth 
  • Repairing broken wires 
  • Repairing or placing new dental crowns 
  • Performing root canal procedures 
  • Extracting a permanently damaged tooth 
  • Placing dental implants 

We already have several reliable walk-in dentists in our comprehensive listing. Call our helpline for a quick connection with a walk-in dental office in your location. 

FAQs About Emergency Dental Services

Does Toothache Require Emergency Dental Treatment?

Severe tooth pain typically indicates an injury or decay that has advanced to the pulp or tooth’s inner layer. Without immediate treatment, the decay or injury will worsen and most likely cause irreversible damage to the tooth. For these reasons, you should quickly schedule an emergency visit to an urgent care dentist in Henderson at the onset of a toothache. 

Clean your mouth with warm saltwater. Avoid sugary foods and beverages to keep the tooth pain in control. Take an OTC painkiller to minimize the discomfort as you prepare for an urgent dental visit. 

Does a Cracked Tooth Qualify as a Dental Emergency?

It will depend on the severity of the crack. A severely cracked tooth will cause extreme pain. Seeking professional intervention can help ease the pain and potentially save the tooth. Even minor cracks require immediate repair to prevent bacteria from entering inside the tooth and elevating the infection risk. 

Ensure the affected tooth is clean by avoiding using it when biting or chewing food. Take a painkiller if the tooth is aching. Ensure you see a dentist to get the necessary treatment as soon as possible. 

When Do I Need Emergency Tooth Extraction in Henderson, NV?

Henderson emergency dentists perform emergency tooth extractions every day. The primary goal of dentistry is for you to retain your permanent teeth for your entire life, if possible. Dentists will only perform an extraction after exhausting all treatment options. 

The extraction procedure involves totally numbing the mouth to protect you from pain. The dentist extracts a tooth above the gum by holding it with a pair of forceps. The dentist then rocks it gently until it detaches from the ligaments and jawbone and eventually out of its socket. 

A covered tooth requires a surgical extraction. This surgical procedure involves cutting the gum where the affected is located, trimming the bone, and pulling out the tooth with a pair of forceps. If this doesn’t work, the dental practitioner will break it up and remove the sections. 

Your dentist will walk you through the process of taking care of the extraction site at home. The duration it takes for the extraction site to heal will depend on how carefully you follow your dentist’s care instructions.  

We treat dental concerns from dental patients in Henderson with the seriousness they deserve. We will pair you with a competent emergency dentist with a single phone call. All our partner emergency dentists hold credible memberships of the prestigious American Dental Association (ADA). Give us a ring at 888-461-7274 for a referral to an emergency dental office close to you.

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