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At Team Emergency Dental, we know that dental emergencies can arise at the least expected times. We understand the importance of treating them quickly and skillfully. We also know how difficult locating an emergency dentistry clinic in Gilbert, AZ, is. That’s why we are offering you a reliable emergency dental referral service. We can help you get urgent treatment for any dental emergency you have.

We know all emergency dental services providers in Gilbert. In fact, we have created a detailed listing. This means we can identify an urgent dental clinic in your neighborhood within seconds. We can even schedule an appointment for you if you request. Give us a ring at 844-700-1220 whenever you need emergency dental care in Gilbert, AZ.

Most Common Dental Emergencies in Gilbert, AZ


A severe toothache can cause your whole body to radiate with pain. It can prevent you from sleeping or concentrating at work. Toothaches usually arise from tooth decay or damage. The best way to address dental pain is to visit an emergency dental office. Call and book an appointment with a dental professional. You can do that through our referral service. 

Meanwhile, floss around the aching tooth with dental floss to loosen any caught debris. If nothing changes, take an OTC painkiller like ibuprofen. 

Knocked-Out Teeth

Seeing a knocked-out tooth on the floor can be scary. The pain itself is likely to leave you disoriented. But you need to stay as calm as possible and act fast. Look for the tooth, hold it by the crown, and carefully rinse it. Try to replant it if possible. Alternatively, keep it soaked in a container of cold milk or salt water. 

The sooner you see a dental professional, the higher the chance of your dislodged tooth getting replanted. The professional will discuss available replacement options if successful replanting is impossible. A dental implant, bridge, and denture are common tooth replacement options. 

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Broken or chipped Tooth

Your teeth can chip or even break, despite being one of the hardest substances in your body. The common causes of chipped or broken teeth include dental trauma and carelessly chewing hard food items. Utilizing your teeth for the wrong purposes may also cause chipping and breaking. 

The treatment procedure for this dental emergency depends on the extent of the break or chip. A tooth-colored filling or cosmetic bond can repair a minor chip effectively. A veneer can restore the natural appearance of a chipped front tooth. 

Take an OTC pain medication if the chipped or broken tooth is extremely painful. Don’t forget to bring along the fragments during your emergency visit. 

Lost Dental Crowns or Fillings

Make an appointment with an emergency care dentist if you lose a filling or crown. You will experience sensitivity in the affected area. Eat from the opposite side to avoid worsening the sensitivity. Get dental cement from your local pharmacy and cover the affected tooth. 

Seeking emergency treatment from a Gilbert emergency dentist can help protect the affected tooth from infection. 

Emergency Dentistry Costs

The cost of urgent dental care in Gilbert, AZ, depends on the treatment you need. Using a filling to repair a cracked tooth costs less than a root canal or emergency extraction procedure.

Dental insurance can also cover at least 50% of your emergency dentistry costs. Most dental insurance plans are acceptable in most emergency dental clinics in Gilbert. Some urgent care clinics accept dental discount plans to make their emergency services affordable.

Ensure you find out if your dental professional will accept your insurance before the appointment. If not, find out what payment options are available. Can you pay with cash? Which credit cards are accepted? 

Local Emergency Rooms (ERs) vs. Local Emergency Dentists

An emergency room specializes in treating medical emergencies. You should only go to a local emergency room if you think you have a life-threatening injury or condition. Uncontrollable oral bleeding, severe facial injuries, and broken jawbone qualify for an emergency room visit. Symptoms causing swallowing or breathing difficulty also require an ER visit. 

Seek immediate treatment from an emergency care dentist when experiencing pure dental emergencies. A dentist has the knowledge, equipment, and technology to treat any emergency dental situation. 

Dentists treat dental emergencies, such as knocked-out or chipped teeth, broken dentures, gum tissue injuries, loose fillings, and decay. An emergency room cannot address such emergency dental situations. So, don’t waste time going to the ER for dental concerns. The ER team will give you first aid and ask you to see a dental professional immediately. 

Effective Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Brush twice daily: Brushing with a good toothbrush daily prevents plaque and tartar from building up on your teeth. This significantly lowers the risk of your teeth decaying. Ensure you brush for at least two minutes per session. Time yourself or use an electric toothbrush to ensure you are brushing sufficiently.

Make flossing a routine: Flossing once daily can remove food debris that often gets trapped between your teeth. You can do it at night to remove debris trapped throughout the day. 

Visit your regular dentist twice a year: A regular dental visit is the most effective way to avoid dental emergencies. It allows your dental practitioner to keep track of your oral health and address any issues as soon as possible. 

Practice mindful chewing: Be careful when chewing hard food items like carrots and candies. It’s even better to avoid chewing such hard foods and other hard non-food items altogether.

Always protect your teeth: Wear a night guard if you have a teeth-grinding problem. Put on a protective mouthguard when participating in contact sports. 

Let us link you with the right emergency dental office in Gilbert, AZ, for any dental emergency you are experiencing. Our office staff is waiting to answer your call any time and help you get emergency dental care. Our emergency dental helpline is 844-700-1220.

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