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You cannot predict when you will experience an emergency. Worse yet, dental emergencies don’t happen during normal hours when your regular dentist is available. Instead, they usually strike past traditional business hours when all regular dentist’s offices are closed.

Trying to locate a dentist in Fresno can be extremely hard, especially when you don’t know where to look. We know that time is one thing you don’t have when experiencing an emergency dental issue. For this reason, we have compiled a list of emergency dental clinics and 24-hour dentists in the Fresno area. With this list, you are assured of quickly locating a dentist who will offer you top-quality care. Just pick up your phone and call our toll-free phone number (559-220-7272) for immediate assistance.

Emergency Dentist in Fresno - The Available Dentistry Options

You need to know the emergency dental care options available when you experience a dental issue in Fresno. That way, you will choose a dentistry specialist who will address your unique needs.


24-hour emergency dental offices operate both day and night. With such a dental office, you can schedule an emergency visit for emergencies before or after regular business hours. You can get a same-day appointment, as well.


After-hours dental offices offer patients with tight schedules much-needed flexibility. They operate past regular office hours. They may provide evening hours on weekdays or open for a few hours on weekends.


Walk-in dental clinics in Fresno accept walk-ins. In other words, you can walk in and see a dental professional without an appointment. They are the best option for dental problems that arise during normal hours.

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Common Dental Emergencies in Fresno, CA

Emergency dentistry is a complex dental field for most people. Very few people can differentiate dental concerns that require emergency care from those that can wait until regular office hours. Thankfully, we have researched common dental problems that arise more frequently. If you are dealing with any of the following concerns, call your 24/7 dentist immediately.


  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Mouth injuries
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Chipped or cracked tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Lost filling
  • Severe toothache
  • Painful swelling on the gums
  • Broken denture

Don’t hesitate to call your emergency dentistry pro even if your dental issue isn’t on the above list. You can also call our service at 559-220-7272 for an immediate connection with a Fresno emergency dentist. We can also help you locate Fresno urgent dental clinics that provide evening hours.


Urgent Dental Care in Fresno, CA - FAQs

What Steps Can I Take to Get Toothache Relief?

If you develop a toothache right after your meal, food debris might be trapped between your teeth. Gently flossing the area can remove food debris and alleviate pain. If the pain doesn’t go away, gently press a cold compress outside the cheek over the aching area. You can also take an OTC painkiller like ibuprofen. An aching tooth or dental pain can stem from extensive tooth decay or infection. Seeing an emergency dentist in Fresno as soon as possible is wise.

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How Much Will an Urgent Dental Visit Cost Me?

Your specific dental situation and treatment plan will determine how much your urgent visit will cost. Planning for unanticipated expenses is an easy task for most people. Our service understands this reality. As such, we always strive to connect you with emergency dentistry specialists that accept most dental insurance policies. Some dentists on our listing offer flexible financing options, such as third-party financing, to lower the cost of emergency dental care services.

Should I Seek Dental Emergency Treatment from My Local Emergency Room (ER)?

No. The ER is specifically designed for health emergencies, such as COVID-19, serious accidents, and other emergency medical cases. Unlike an emergency dental clinic, most ERs lack the capacity to address most emergency dental issues. In most cases, the ER physician will try to manage the dental condition before you can see a dentistry specialist. Some of the emergency dental needs that your local ER cannot address include:


  • Root canal therapy and tooth extraction
  • Lost, loose, or broken dental filling
  • Denture repair
  • Knocked-out tooth re-implanting
  • Re-cementing of dental bridges and crowns
  • Repairing broken dentures and dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry

You should visit the ER only when your emergency dental situation is accident-related. That way, the ER team will diagnose and treat any medical condition you might have developed due to the accident. The ER team will then either bring in an on-call dental professional to address your dental issues or refer you to a dentist. 


Our emergency dental service can make an appointment with a Fresno emergency dentist. Suppose no dentistry expert seems to be available in your neighborhood at your moment of need. In that case, we can help you identify a nearby hospital emergency room with an on-call dentistry specialist.

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