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Experiencing a dental emergency is horrible. The pain can leave you confused and disoriented. The situation worsens if you cannot find a dentist to treat your dental concern promptly. Our referral service seeks to help you regain your oral health immediately.We do this by directing you to a highly-trained and reliable emergency dentist in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We help you save your precious time by simplifying the process of setting up same-day appointments.Contact us at 888-461-7274 any time you are in pain. We will aid you in finding a dental practitioner near you, regardless of the urgency of your dental concern. We are always ready to spring into action whenever you are in a dental emergency.

How To Identify a Dental Emergency?

Your actions immediately after an emergency dental situation are important. Knowing the concerns that qualify as dental emergencies can help you get the necessary treatment as soon as possible. Swift action can save your tooth and prevent further damage.

You may need to visit a Fort Wayne urgent dental care clinic if you are experiencing any of these frequently occurring dental emergencies:

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Cracked, Chipped, or Broken Tooth

Teeth can chip, crack, or break when you chew or bite down on a hard substance. Falls, sports accidents, and car accidents can also cause cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.

This dental injury can also arise from using your teeth for the wrong purposes, such as opening packages. This dental concern can alter the beauty of your smile and cause you unbearable pain and discomfort. 

Steps to Take:

Warm water mouth rinse: wash away any blood or dirt by promptly swishing your mouth with warm water 

Put a piece of gauze on the affected area and apply pressure. Doing this will prevent any further bleeding.

Preserve pieces of the chipped or broken tooth: Look for any tooth fragments, rinse them gently, and soak them in a container or plastic bag of milk or saltwater. 

Apply a cold compress gently: You can ease any pain and minimize swelling by applying a cold compress to the injury site. Don’t use force – be gentle. 

Take a painkiller: a pain reliever like ibuprofen can quickly get you out of pain. Get it from your local pharmacy if you don’t have it already in your house. 

Partially or Completely Dislodged Teeth

You can suffer a partially dislodged or knocked-out tooth following an impact or trauma to the mouth. This dental injury deserves a prompt treatment.

Keep a partially dislodged tooth in its socket until a dental practitioner can see you. You can also try to reinsert the knocked-out tooth in its socket. Ensure you carry it with you during your emergency dental visit in Fort Wayne. 

Steps to Take: 

Rinse the tooth: Carefully and gently rinse the completely dislodged tooth under cold water for at least 10 seconds. Hold it by its crown, not the roots.

Try to reinsert it: Re-implant it if you can.

Preserve the avulsed tooth: If it’s impossible to re-implant it, store it in a glass of milk, salt water, or even your saliva. 

Go to an emergency dentist’s office immediately:  Avulsed teeth can reattach in their sockets, especially if they’re-implanted within an hour.

Severe Tooth Pain

An excruciating toothache is often a sign of a serious oral health problem. It could indicate severe dental cavities or infections. 

Steps to Take:

Set up an emergency dental appointment: Contact an emergency dentist in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to organize a visit. You can also call our referral helpline 260-231-2888 so we can handle the appointment process for you. 

Swish your mouth with salt water: A saltwater rinse clears away food debris. It can also ease gum inflammation caused by the aching tooth.

Take OTC pain reliever:  This medication can tone down severe toothache as you wait to get into the treatment room.

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Bleeding, Pain, and Discomfort After an Emergency Tooth Extraction

You will feel some pain and experience light bleeding after an emergency extraction. These issues usually disappear within a few hours. But if they persist or exacerbate over time, you must seek emergency dental care services immediately.

Steps to Take:

Call an emergency dentist: Don’t worry if you don’t have the contact details of a Fort Wayne emergency dentist. Contact our referral experts. We will refer you to a local emergency dentist near you. You can then call the dentist and find out whether you have a dental emergency. 

Apply a clean piece of gauze: Get bleeding under control by applying a clean piece of gauze to the extraction site. Do not rinse, eat, or drink for a while. Also, don’t smoke or suck on a straw. 

Take prescribed pain relief and antibiotic medications: Prescribed painkillers and antibiotic medications are part of the post-extraction treatments. Be sure to take these medications as per the instructions. 

How to Prepare for Emergency Dental Care Appointment

Find out ahead of your visit if your dental insurance is allowed. Find out other payment options available, as well. 

Find your most recent dental records and carry them to your appointment. Be at the dental office 10-15 minutes early. Arriving early will enable you to complete the required forms and relax before your turn to see the dentist. 

Give us a call at 888-461-7274 if you experience any dental emergency in Fort Wayne. Our referral specialists will spring into action promptly to help you get top-quality emergency dental care services

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