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Common dental emergencies, such as a knocked-out tooth, tooth pain, and dental abscesses, are often unbearable. The only way to deal with these dental situations is to see an El Paso emergency dentist. Finding an El Paso dental office that operates for extended hours is not an easy ride.At Team Emergency Dental, we understand a serious dental problem cannot wait. That’s why we help you get emergency dental care quickly. Call our 24/7 toll-free phone number 844-700-1220 to speak to one of our operators. We’ll help you locate an El Paso dental office that accepts walk-in appointments.

Locating a 24-Hour Emergency Dentist in El Paso, TX

El Paso dental clinics offer dental services that address the unique dental needs of residents and visitors. Some clinics operate for extended hours to solve after-hours and weekend emergencies. Others offer walk-in appointments for patients who don’t have time to wait for the next available opening. 

Most After-hours dental offices in El Paso, TX, stay open up to 7:00 P.M. and see patients even on weekends. We have such offices in our directory. Call us if you are looking for one near your home. 

While the El Paso area may not have 24-hour emergency dentists, several clinics operate past normal business hours. Others attend to dental patients even on Saturdays and Sundays. A few clinics have operators to answer calls and help patients schedule emergency appointments with on-call dentists.

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Are You Experiencing a Dental Emergency in El Paso, TX?

A normal dental problem can wait until the next appointment. A dental emergency can endanger your life and requires immediate attention. You must know how to differentiate those two dental concerns. The following are symptoms of a dental emergency: 

Severe Pain or Swelling Stemming from a Tooth or Gum Infection

A sudden discomfort followed by swollen gums may indicate oral cavity infection. You should see an emergency dentist within the shortest time possible. Our referral experts can help you set up a same-day emergency dental visit to a dental office immediately. Getting immediate treatment can help prevent serious infections and further damage.

Excruciating Toothache or Mouth Pain

See a 24-hour dentist immediately if you have developed severe tooth pain that affects the whole mouth region. Delaying in seeking treatment may cause the pain to develop into something unbearable. 

Continuous and Uncontrollable Bleeding After a Tooth Extraction

Bleeding after tooth removal should stop two to three hours after the operation. If you experience continuous bleeding that seems uncontrollable past that period, it’s time to visit an emergency care dentist. 

A Permanent Tooth Loss

If an accident occurs and one or more of your teeth gets knocked out, you need immediate dental care. Seeing an El Paso emergency dentist immediately may increase the chances of re-implanting the knocked-out tooth.

You must have handled the tooth correctly for this to happen. This includes avoiding touching the root and soaking it in a container filled with milk. 

What are the Most Frequent Dental Emergencies?

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Swollen gums  
  • Cracked tooth 
  • Broken teeth pain 
  • Wisdom teeth swollen 
  • Tooth abscess
  • Chipped tooth 
  • Loose fillings 

This list does not cover all dental emergencies in El Paso. If you have a dental issue troubling you, do not shy away from seeking immediate dental care. You can also call our 24/7 helpline at 844-700-1220 to get partnered with a conveniently located emergency dentist’s clinic in El Paso, TX. 

Emergency Dental Care FAQs

How Much Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

Urgent dental care costs almost the same as normal dental care in El Paso, Texas. Some dental clinics may, however, include an extra fee for after-hour and weekend appointments. Enrolling in a dental discount plan is the best way to cut the cost of emergency dental services. Some discount plans enable you to cut the cost by 40%. 

Which Payment Methods Do Emergency Clinics Accept?

El Paso dental practices allow a wide array of payment methods. These methods include cash, debit cards, recognized credit cards, and personal checks. Many emergency dentists allow dental health saving plans as well as discount plans as a means of offsetting dental care costs.

Can Dental Insurance Cover Emergency Dental Services?

Yes. Most dental insurance might cover a significant portion of your emergency care cost. That will, however, depend on whether you have acceptable dental insurance and available benefits.

It is always best to look for dental professionals within your insurance provider’s network. It is also advisable to check whether the terms of your insurance plans include emergency dental services. 

When Should I Go to My Local Emergency Room (ER)?

In the event of an accident, fall, or sports injury, it’s best to visit your nearest ER. The ER staff will perform a comprehensive examination to ensure you have not suffered life-threatening medical conditions. If you are dealing with a typical dental emergency, including a damaged tooth, lost dental crown, or a missing filling, seeing an urgent care dentist is the best decision. 

Can an Emergency Room Doctor Extract a Tooth?

ER doctors have the skills and tools to extract a tooth. However, it’s advisable to visit a dental clinic when you need a tooth extracted. A dentist at the clinic may recommend other treatment options to save the tooth. The dentist will also offer effective post-op care instructions to prevent continuous bleeding and other emergencies. 

Why Should I Avoid Going to My Local ER for A Dental Issue?

Many people rush to their local ERs when they find themselves in a dental emergency. This is not the best solution, however. Most El Paso ERs do not have an on-call dentist. The best an ER physician can do for you is give you pain relief medicine.

The best decision is to visit an emergency dentistry clinic. Such a clinic will provide you with specialized treatment for your dental concern. What’s more, the American Dental Association discourages patients from taking their dental problems to emergency rooms. Local ERs should be reserved for Covid-19 and other serious medical emergencies. 

How Do I Locate an Emergency Care Dentist Near Me?

As mentioned earlier, finding an emergency dentist in El Paso, TX, open after hours is a difficult task. A Google search may not give you credible results. Team Emergency Dental has teamed up with reputable dentists across the nation to avail quality dental care.

We have a talented and experienced referral team that can help you identify the nearest same-day emergency dental office. This team can also assist you in making a same-day appointment so you can have your dental emergency resolved. 

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