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Immediate Help in Finding an Emergency Dentist in Durham, NC

A throbbing toothache, cracked tooth, or dental trauma is painful, stressful, and inconvenient. These dental emergencies rarely fit within regular business hours. You need emergency dentistry services to get your urgent dental needs addressed. Team Emergency Dental knows that finding an emergency dentist in Durham, NC, is a tough assignment. 

With that in mind, we have developed a listing of all emergency dentists who can see you whenever and wherever you need emergency dental services in Durham, NC. That means you can get immediate dental treatment without all the hassles associated with searching for available emergency dentists. Feel free to contact us at 984-257-5111 to get your emergency dental care needs addressed. 

Finding Emergency Dental Services in Durham, NC

Getting emergency dental care in Durham is a stress-free and time-saving endeavor when you work with our referral service. Our listing contains a variety of dental offices and dentists that operate within and past standard office hours. They include: 

Emergency Dental Clinic

These clinics offer emergency dentistry services. In other words, they address emergency dental issues that arise past standard office hours. Durham has several such clinics. We have included these clinics in our listing. We can help you secure an emergency appointment with one of the open clinics near your area. 

24-Hour Dentist

This dentist offers dental services both during the day and at night. The disappointing news is that your Durham neighborhood may not have a dentist’s office that is open 24-hours a day. The good news is that our referral service can assist you in finding a dentist who can treat your unexpected dental problem. We can also direct you to an emergency room nearby that might have an on-call dentist, especially if you have suffered an accident-related dental injury. 

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Walk-in Dentist

You can see a dentist without an appointment in a walk-in dental office. These dentist’s offices operate within regular office hours. The Durham area has plenty of walk-in dentists. Talk to our referral specialist at 984-257-5111 if you are having trouble finding a Durham dental office for your urgent dental needs. 

After-Hour Clinics

These clinics remain open after the 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM schedule. They are ideal for dental patients with busy work schedules or those experiencing after-hours dental emergencies. Don’t waste any minute Google searching these clinics. Just contact us, and we will avail a list of all after-hour clinics near your Durham home in no time. 

Most Common Dental Emergencies in Durham, NC

Do you think you are experiencing a dental emergency? Visit a dental office as soon as you can for treatment. If you delay treatment, you can can significantly exacerbate your prognosis and further complicate your dental problem. Common dental emergencies in the Durham area fall into the following three categories:

Dental Trauma

An impact to the mouth can cause a loose tooth, broken tooth, or knocked-out tooth. These dental injuries require urgent dental care to treat or save the permanent tooth. The immediate treatment also helps in getting you out of pain and preventing further complications. 

An emergency dentist can fix a broken or chipped tooth, provided you carry your tooth fragments during your emergency dental appointment. The dentist can also save and re-implant a knocked-out tooth, provided you arrive at the office within an hour. 

You must handle and preserve the avulsed tooth properly. For instance, you should strictly handle the tooth by the crown without touching the root. Remove the dirt by gently washing it in clean water. Ensure the attached tissue is intact. Try to put the tooth back in its socket or keep it moist under your tongue. You can also store it in a glass of salt water or cold milk. 

A broken dental filling can also arise from a trauma to the mouth. Seek prompt treatment from a Durham emergency dental care clinic as soon as your dental filling fractures. Postponing treatment can worsen the fracture, necessitating a more invasive and expensive treatment. 

Jaw Swelling or Infection

A tooth infection can stem from a severe cavity or dental injury that has allowed bacteria to get into the tooth. It can cause sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, jaw swelling, and severe toothache. Gently pressing a cold compress to the affected tooth or area can help relieve pain and reduce swelling. Ensure you seek emergency care for a swollen jaw or infection as soon as possible. 

Mouth Pain

A mild or severe mouth pain affecting your ability to function indicates that you need emergency dental care. Mild tooth pain can be a symptom of food debris trapped between your teeth. A simple floss around the affected tooth may help eliminate the pain.

 If the pain doesn’t go away, a same-day appointment with one of the open emergency dentists in Durham, NC, is necessary. The dental practitioner can treat the discomfort with pain relief medication or a dental filling. 

More severe tooth pain can indicate a dental abscess or serious tooth infection. Your emergency dentist may perform an emergency root canal procedure to eliminate the infection. This procedure keeps the infection from compromising your oral health. 

The dental professional will give you a piece of gauze to place on the affected tooth to stop bleeding. The professional will prescribe an antibiotic medication to treat the infection completely. He or she will also advise you on how to prevent infection in the future. 

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Emergency Tooth Extraction: When is it Necessary?

If your dentist cannot treat your tooth injury, infection, or decay with a root canal procedure or other treatment option, then an extraction is the only option. Impacted wisdom teeth and teeth overcrowding are other reasons for emergency extractions. The longer you take to have the extraction performed, the more extensive the damage and the more expensive the treatment. 

Before the extraction, your dentist will perform an emergency exam and capture an X-ray of the affected tooth. The dental professional will examine the findings of these diagnostic studies to determine the best extraction method and anesthetic for your situation. 

The professional can extract the problematic tooth through a simple extraction or surgical extraction method. In a simple extraction, your dental professional will administer a local anesthetic and use a set of dental instruments to pull the tooth.

In a surgical extraction, the dentist will administer the appropriate anesthetic for your situation. He or she will create an incision on the gum to access and remove the damaged tooth. Dentists use surgical extraction for teeth that are under the gum. 

Be sure to comply with your dentist’s post-op care instructions. Take any medications prescribed as per the directions. Stick to soft foods for the first couple of days after the extraction. 

Don’t hesitate to call our referral service at 984-257-5111 when you are in a dental emergency in Durham, NC. We can help you get a same-day dental appointment when no one else can.

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