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It’s time to reclaim your well-being by having your dental problem resolved conveniently and fast. Our emergency dentists offer world-class services, incorporating the latest innovations and technologies for better dental health outcomes.Catering for the cost remains a big issue for most patients. The clinics support dental insurance and may offer various dental payment options. And it doesn’t matter when you are experiencing a dental emergency. Day or night —you can get immediate attention outside regular business hours.Getting started is not complicated either. There’s no need to filter through a long list of emergency dental services. You don’t have to visit multiple websites, checking out the about us sections to see if they offer services in Detroit. Place a call to our contact center 844-700-1220. Share a few details about yourself as requested, and get matched to the appropriate service provider.

Where Can I Find Help with Dental Emergencies

Whether it’s a severe toothache or a swollen cheek, you’re undoubtedly interested in knowing the best way to find help with dental emergencies.

Okay, the first place that may come to mind is a hospital emergency room. Depending on the hospital’s facilities, the ER may not be set up for dental care.

On the other hand, dental facilities may have contingencies for emergency situations. They will be fully staffed with dental assistants who provide on-hand assistance to the dental practitioner. It may be easier to access specialized help from periodontists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons. 

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When is Emergency Dental Care Necessary?

It may be necessary to seek emergency dental services if you’re dealing with any issue that is severely impacting your general well-being or your ability to use your mouth for daily activities. For instance, severe toothache, excessive sensitivity, or broken teeth can make it impossible to enjoy your favorite meals.

If there’s a risk of tooth loss, it’s also essential to seek emergency assistance. For instance, this may apply to an abscessed or infected tooth due to a bacterial infection.

Here’s a breakdown of some common dental emergencies, along with what dentists may do to resolve them: 

Severe toothache

Tooth pain in and around the tooth can stem from many causes. It may be a result of infected gum, damage filing, excessive grinding, fractures, infections, decays, or cavities. The pain may be constant and throbbing. Or, it may be sharp, for instance, when chewing hard foods or consuming hot or cold meals.

The dentist will generally carry out a physical examination and ask questions about the pain—such as when it started or its severity. Resolving the core issue will alleviate the pain. For instance, performing a root canal allows for the removal of the pulp and nerves. 

Sensitive tooth

Teeth become sensitive when the tooth roots are exposed. This may happen when the tooth enamel wears out, or a cavity develops.

A chipped or cracked tooth may also become sensitive. Extreme sensitivity is unlikely to go away without professional intervention. That’s why you should book your appointment with a dentist as soon as possible, particularly if the issue is preventing you from eating hot or cold meals.

The dentist may resolve the issue by applying fluoride to sensitive areas as this strengthens the enamel.

You may also receive a prescription for fluoride and bonding agents to use at home.  

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Deep cavities

A deep cavity predisposes you to tooth loss. That’s because the tooth crown may be excessively worn off.

Now, the first step the dentist may take is assessing if the tooth is a good candidate for root canal therapy. The procedure targets the removal of the infected tooth pulp.

Dentists will reconstruct the damaged tooth by filling it and installing a new crown if requested. The costs of a root canal may be less than the expenses of replacing the tooth entirely with a dental implant. 

Infected tooth

An infection can become quite problematic. A pocket of pus may form, and it may be accompanied by pain that may vary in intensity. Swelling can even affect the ear and neck regions.

Dentists deal with abscessed teeth by draining the pus. They can recommend root canal therapy or perform a tooth extraction if necessary. Even if you’re experiencing moderate pain, don’t ignore an infected tooth. It can lead to life-threatening complications if the bacteria enter the bloodstream. 

Lost filling

It’s advisable to see the dentist on short notice if a filling falls out. Ignoring the problem can aggravate tooth decay and result in the re-emergence of other issues such as tooth sensitivity and pain. It’s also worth commenting that fillings don’t last forever. So, make a special note to see a dentist right away and have the lost filling restored.

Dentists will do a better job reattaching the loose crown rather than just using temporary denture adhesive. 

Missing crown

Patients are advised to contact the dentist right away if they lose the crown. It’s important to save the crown to minimize expensive repairs.  

Broken or fractured teeth

Fractures may appear in the tooth. They may be small and harmless. At other times, the fractures may be severe, going deep into the hard shell of the tooth. 

Dentists may recommend various interventions to deal with broken or fractured teeth. For minor chips, they may apply a tooth-colored composite resin. They may also perform a root canal which generally stops the crack from spreading. If the damaged tooth is beyond repair, the dentist may choose to perform an extraction. 

Knocked-out teeth

A knocked-out tooth can be saved by taking some quick actions. The first step is picking the tooth and holding it carefully by the crown (white upper part). If it’s not dirty, you may attempt to place it back into its socket.

Rinsing it with cold water for not more than 20 seconds or licking it are both great ways to clean it. 

If you experience some difficulty getting it back in place, there are other ways to save it. Adults are recommended to hold the tooth inside their mouth.

For kids who may be at risk of swallowing the tooth, it’s better to spit into a container and place the tooth inside. Remember that only an adult tooth needs to be preserved.

How much will emergency dental services cost in Detroit?

The cost of emergency dental services in Detroit generally depends on the type of procedure the dentist performs. For instance, simple tooth extraction can cost about $75. The cost for a root canal averages at around $600. 

It’s important to be aware of the clinic’s payment options before visiting. Some may only accept cash and card payments, not personal checks. The establishment may also specify the accepted dental insurance plans and if they support Medicaid. 

An initial fee may need to be paid, and it will offset the costs of the final treatment. So when you are talking to the clinic on the phone, it’s vital to ask for this information.  

Can I see a 24-hour emergency dentist?

Yes, it’s possible to see a 24-hour emergency dentist. The only requirement is to find a dental clinic in Detroit that explicitly offers after-hours treatment. Such facilities may be difficult to find with a normal internet search. That’s the reason to use our service to find suitable locations offering same-day appointments. 

How does a walk-in dentist work?

A walk-in dentist’s office allows patients who are not regulars to essentially walk in and receive various treatments on the same day. The services will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s worth booking earlier in the day. Keep in mind to check if the clinic remains closed during holidays, weekends, or other times of the year (breaks, conferences, etc.).

Emergency Dental Service FAQs

Can a dentist help in an emergency?

Yes, it may be preferable to book an appointment with a general dentist or specialist rather than seeing a normal doctor. 

Is there anything the ER can do for tooth pain?

The ER may not do much for tooth pain beyond recommending pain killers. You’ll need a dentist to perform a physical examination and use their specialized equipment to treat you. 

How do you get a rotten tooth out at home?

While it is possible to extract a rotten tooth at home, it may be preferable to have it extracted at the dentist, particularly if it has deep cavities and infection. 

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