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Dental Emergency Care - 24 Hour Care in the Denver Area

Has a sudden and serious dental issue afflicted you? Emergencies happen without warning. But don’t let dental pain or bleeding gums ruin your day. Furthermore, don’t suffer the long-term consequences of a devastating accident or injury that has damaged your teeth. Our qualified emergency dentists in Denver are one call away, ready to offer the best dental help. They specialize in emergency dental care spanning many dental services:

  • Tooth extractions
  • Denture repair
  • Root canal therapy 
  • Wisdom teeth removal 
  • Oral injuries
  • Teeth cleaning 
  • Dental bridges 
  • Chipped and broken teeth repair
  • Sports injury
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Lost filling and crown replacement

When Should I Get Help from Denver Emergency Dentists?

Are you wondering if you should resolve a particular dental issue immediately or whether it’s better to wait and seek help later? Here are some scenarios where the best recourse is getting immediate attention from a reputable dental office: 

Dental trauma

Dental trauma describes any situation where you experience a physical injury to your teeth, jaws, or general mouth area. The injury can stem from several causes. It may be sports-related or an accident.

Emergency dentistry allows for the repair and rehabilitation of serious injuries, such as restoring a knocked-out tooth or wiring a severely broken jaw. In dental trauma cases, it’s essential to act fast and seek dental services immediately as every second counts. 

Dentist examining a patient teeth

Severe toothache

Tooth pain is one of the worst kinds of pain to experience. It can be a result of several issues. For instance, the tooth may have a serious infection or a deep cavity.

The dentist alleviates the pain with local anesthesia. They will then attempt to resolve the core issue by replacing a lost filling or removing infected root pulp and nerves. 

Knocked out tooth

A knocked-out tooth should be preserved because it’s possible for a dentist to successfully reattach it through a procedure referred to as splinting. It involves using dental fiber to attach the tooth to neighboring teeth. The tooth is held securely and left to heal for about 3 to 4 weeks. 

Damaged dental prosthetics

It’s necessary to seek immediate repair of broken dental prosthetics such as retainers, dentures, and other appliances installed by orthodontists. Find clinics in Denver, CO offering same-day appointments.

Where Can I Get Emergency Tooth Extraction in Denver, CO

An emergency tooth extraction is only necessary if the tooth is severely damaged or infected. It’s a standard oral surgical procedure performed by general dentists. So, most clinics should perform the extraction.

Before carrying out the procedure, the dentist may conduct a physical examination of the tooth to determine if it can be saved. If so, they will generally recommend emergency root canal therapy. Despite the serious-sounding name, it is not a painful procedure.

Root canal therapy targets the removal of the dental pulp, which consists of the soft tissues located at the center of the tooth.

The purpose of the dental pulp is to continuously nourish the tooth with a continuous supply of minerals and blood. This function is not necessary for an adult tooth that’s fully formed. Removing the infected pulp along with the nerves will generally stop the pain.

It’s always recommended to save natural teeth as much as possible. So, if the option is offered, do take it. After removing the pulp, the dentist will apply a filling or install a crown. A tooth that has undergone root canal therapy has a 9 out of 10 chance of surviving past the 10-year mark. 

installing dental implants

Which Payment Methods Does a 24-Hour Dentist Accept?

Owing to the nature of dental emergencies, you may be unprepared when it comes to paying the final cost of the treatment.

It’s possible to offset the costs with dental insurance. Clinics may also offer dental treatment financing through partnerships with third-party creditors.

If you’re paying without insurance, it’s also essential to check accepted payment options. Some facilities may accept personal checks, while others may not include support. You can pay using your credit card or cash at most establishments. 

How Can Someone Prepare Before an Emergency Dental Service?

What can you do to prep before your emergency dental appointment? The first step, which is crucial and essential, is to book your appointment with the right dental health office.

When booking, it is essential to have first-hand information. For instance, ask about their location and how to get there. Take note that the location information online may not be up-to-date at times, so make a point of asking.

It’s good to know the type of procedure the dentist will perform and how long it can take.

As a courtesy, properly clean your mouth but take caution not to make the problem worse.

You will want to show up early, allowing the technicians to prepare. The dentist may ask about previous dental procedures and other helpful information from your medical history during the examination.

To prepare for any emergencies in the future, you can also adopt some helpful tips:

Grow an emergency fund that can cater to unexpected dental costs. This will be handy in financing the expenses without dental insurance or third-party financing. 

 Prepare a dental emergency kit for first aid. You can have supplies such as a save-a-tooth kit designed to preserve a knocked-out tooth for up to 24 hours. 

Get informed about various ways to handle dental emergencies, for instance, the right way to preserve a knocked-out tooth.   

You can find a dental clinic beforehand and ask the dental practitioner for their dedicated emergency care support number. 

Which Dental Emergencies Can Wait

The whole point of labeling a dental issue as an emergency is to resolve it right away. Admittedly, some emergencies are worse than others.

A knocked-out tooth can’t wait because the more time elapses, the lower the chance of saving the tooth. For instance, it needs to be placed back in the socket within 5 minutes. Alternatively, it should be properly stored in a save a tooth kit or container filled with saliva.

When you have a cavity that is causing a lot of pain, the problem should generally be resolved within the next 24 hours. Unexpected swelling needs to be resolved right away. It could point to far more severe issues such as a jaw fracture. 

Generally, exercise caution for all dental emergencies and have them resolved as soon as possible. Apply reasonableness when judging how soon to see the dentist. You can decide depending on the intensity of the pain or its impact on your ability to function.  

Do Emergency Dentists Accept Dental Insurance?

Yes, dental offices accept dental insurance but note that not all companies may be participating. It’s essential to check with the health plan or call and ask about out-of-network coverage. The clinic may have an online resource where they list the accepted insurance plans such as Delta Dental, Cigna, MetLife, etc. 

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