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Do not hesitate to seek immediate emergency dental care services when you have a dental emergency. Dental emergency cases, such as a severe toothache or a broken tooth, require urgent care. If left untreated, a toothache or any other dental emergency can result in serious dental health complications. You may even lose your tooth.

Having a dental emergency specialist on speed dial can help you when a dental emergency strikes. Dental emergencies not only inconvenience you, but they also result in unbearable pain. Call us at 888-941-8655 when you need to find a reliable emergency dentist in Colorado Springs, CO. We will pair you with one of the available emergency dental practitioners within no time.

Round the Clock Emergency Dental Care Services in Colorado Springs

Are you struggling to find an emergency dentist near you? Look no further. Contact us, and we will guide you on where to get the dental care you need. For all dental needs that you may have, we are one call away. After calling us, our polite and caring referral specialists will refer you to an accredited dental specialist near you. We will ensure that you get a same-day appointment. 

We have partnered with highly qualified dental practitioners in Colorado Springs and its environs. The practitioners are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and techniques. This implies that a simple call to our office is all you need to receive quality emergency dental service for any dental issue that you may be experiencing.

For all minor or major dental emergencies, such as severe toothache, knocked-out tooth, or any other dental injuries, we are always at your service. We will ensure that you receive the quality and affordable emergency dental care that Colorado Springs has to offer.

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How to Prepare for Your Emergency Dental Clinic Visit

There is not much difference between your regular dental office and an emergency dental clinic. They have almost the same features. Emergency clinics offer a wide range of services, such as regular dental check-ups and treatment, for tooth infections or injuries. In addition, the clinics offer X-ray services.

Before visiting your dental clinic in Colorado Springs, gather all the relevant documents. The documents include notes indicating the scheduled appointment and recent x-rays. In addition, carry your identification card plus your insurance card.

Do your homework early enough and check whether the clinic accepts your dental insurance plan. However, most of the emergency clinics we have partnered with in Colorado Springs do accept most dental insurance plan.

Ensure that you arrive early. This can be 15-20 minutes from the scheduled appointment.

Arriving early helps you fill in the appropriate paperwork on time. If your insurance is not accepted, you will have enough time to consult the staff on other modes of payment.

Most emergency clinics have flexible modes of payment. This enables patients to seek emergency care, even if their dental insurance covers are not accepted at the respective clinic.

Common Dental Emergencies in Colorado Springs, CO

Tooth Pain

A toothache is usually a symptom of advanced infection. Call us right away if you feel any tooth pain. We will connect you with an urgent care dentist near your home area.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive top-notch emergency dental services through our exemplary referrals. In the dental emergency room, the specialist will examine the aching tooth and plan the appropriate care. 

Call us if you have the following signs:

  • Severe toothache that exceeds one day
  • Sharp pain when you bite any food item
  • Swollen gums
  • Swelling in the mouth or fever

The above symptoms illustrate the presence of a serious issue which needs urgent care.

Lost Filling or Crown

If your crown or filling falls out, visit your regular dentist immediately. If you lose your crown or filling during off-hours when your dentist is unavailable, give us a ring at 888-941-8655 We will promptly refer you to one of the open emergency clinics near you that offer same-day appointments.

After losing your filling or crown, your tooth may be at risk of developing decay or additional damage. You may also experience sharp pain when chewing food. Try to find the lost dental device. Carry it with you when visiting the emergency care dentist. 

Soft Tissue Injury

Car accidents or physical sports, such as basketball, are the main cause of injuries to the gums or lips. A gum injury may result in excessive bleeding, indicating the need for immediate care. You can manage gum bleeding by applying pressure on a gauze placed on the injured area. Hold the gauze into position until you visit an urgent dental clinic. 

 Apply a cold compress to reduce the resulting pain after a gum injury. This helps to alleviate mouth discomfort. Give us a call as you try to manage the pain resulting from gum or lips injuries.

We will promptly partner you with an emergency dentist near you who will offer quality gum treatment. If there are cuts on your gums or lips, the dental specialist may opt to place stitches. The stitches are effective in stopping the bleeding completely.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain on its own does not demand immediate care. The pain, however, indicates the presence of a more serious underlying issue. If you are experiencing jaw pain, call us right away. We will link you with an emergency dentist near your location.

The dental specialist will examine you and offer the right treatment. If you have chronic teeth grinding habits, the specialist may recommend a dental guard. In addition, if you have a jaw joint disorder, the specialist may prescribe a mouthguard. Rush to the nearest emergency room if you have a dislocated jawbone.

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