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No one is immune to dental emergencies. It can occur to anyone at any time. You might be enjoying quality time with your loved ones or friends when you suddenly face an unbearable toothache. Your child may fall while playing in the backyard and get their Tooth knocked out. Or you might wake up with a nasty bacterial infection in your gums.Staying calm is the most beneficial response to any dental emergency. It is easier to act decisively when you are calm than when you are frightened. Take the right measured steps to manage your situation and protect your oral health. Give us a call at our 24-hour emergency toll-free line 888-461-7274, for a connection with a trusted emergency dental specialist in Chattanooga.Our friendly staff reduces the length of the search process from several hours to just a few minutes. We already have the contact information of all licensed emergency dental care providers in Chattanooga. This means we don’t waste any second researching these providers when you call us.

Urgent Dental Care for Different Kinds of Dental Problems

The right response can help relieve your pain and reduce the risk of further complications to your oral health. Below are common dental emergencies and how to treat them before you receive emergency dental services: 

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Sudden Tooth Pain

The primary cause of this issue is decay or infection. Others include biting into something hard and getting something stuck between your teeth or braces. 

Maintaining a regular oral health care routine, taking over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen, and rinsing your mouth with salt water reduce toothache. Seek dental treatment if you face prolonged swelling or redness in your gums. 

Knocked-out Tooth

It’s natural to go negative if you see your knocked-out Tooth on the ground. The good news is that a 24-hour emergency dentist has the skills and dental technologies to replant it. Successful implantation depends on the steps you take within the first hour since the incident. 

These steps include:

  • Retrieving the Tooth by holding it at the crown. Avoid touching the root. 
  • Examining your Tooth and washing off any loose dirt or debris with clean water. Avoid using soap or other cleaning reagents that might damage the root. Don’t cover it with cloth or tissue, either. 
  • Hold the Tooth by the crown and try to place it back in its socket gently. Adjust it with your other teeth until it’s in the right position. Note that using force may push the Tooth too deep and causes cuts, abrasions, or infections. Try to be as gentle as possible during this process. 
  • If you can’t reinsert it into the socket, keep it moist next to your cheek or store it in a small glass of milk. 

Maximize your odds of successful implantation by arriving at the dentist’s office within half an hour after the incident. Don’t spend any minute searching for an open dental office nearby. Leave that daunting task to us and focus on preserving your Tooth. Team EmergencyDental will get you an emergency appointment with a Chattanooga emergency dentist right away. 

Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Tooth

Collect the fragment of your chipped Tooth and preserve it by placing it in a container of cold milk. Your dentist may reattach the fragment using a special dentistry glue. Take the following emergency actions before you meet them:

  • Swill your mouth with lukewarm salt water to ease the discomfort. 
  • Put moist gauze on the affected area if it starts to bleed.
  • Hold a cold compress over your mouth or cheek adjacent to the injured area.
  • Take an OTC pain reliever if you are still in pain. 

Loose or Broken Dental Appliance

Loose or damaged braces, wires, dentures, fillings, or crowns require immediate repair. Leaving them untreated can inflict injuries on your soft tissues and increase the risk of infection. Temporary solutions for loose or broken dental appliances include: 

  • Smearing dental wax on the sharp ends of the appliance to keep it from injuring your mouth 
  • Gently returning loose braces or wires into position 
  • Cover the exposed Tooth with dental cement or wax after losing a crown or filling. 


This is a white pocket of pus, usually formed in the gums or Tooth. The major cause of an abscess is a bacterial infection. Severe pain in the affected region is a clear indication of an abscess. Don’t try to drain out the pus on your own. Call us to seek treatment right away. 

The dentist will drain the pus and may perform a root canal procedure if the infection has spread to the pulp chamber. In extreme cases, they might have to extract your infected Tooth if the abscess has formed in it. 

Dental Trauma

An injury to your teeth, soft tissues, or jaw counts as dental trauma. Falls jolt to the mouth, and car or sports accidents are the common causes. You need to see an emergency dentist if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Trouble moving your jaw or mouth
  • Loose Tooth or sudden toothache
  • Prolonged bleeding of teeth and gums
  • A sharp edge in your mouth

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

It’s difficult to predict when you’ll experience a dental emergency. You can, however, prevent most of them by practicing preventive dentistry. Here’s some practical tips: 

Practicing Excellent Oral Hygiene

Regular brushing and flossing can reduce the risk of tooth decay. This is because brushing and flossing remove food debris that creates favorable conditions for the growth of harmful bacteria. Ensure you use a high-quality toothbrush and change it once every three months. 

Routine Cleanings and Checkups

Your dentist will clean hard-to-reach surfaces during regular dental appointments. They will also spot and treat issues at their initial stages. 

Wear a Custom-Made Mouthguard

A custom-made sports mouth guard can protect your mouth during contact sports or leisure activities. 

Follow After-Treatment Instructions Carefully

Adhering to after-care instructions can prevent additional complications after treatment. Taking antibiotic medication as prescribed, for instance, can lower reinfection risks. 

Contact Us to Book An Emergency Appointment

Booking a same-day appointment with a dental care clinic in Chattanooga, TN, can be a hassle. Call our office at 888-461-7274 to seek an emergency dentist or receive help with your dental needs.

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