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24-Hour Emergency Dental Care Services in Cape Coral, FL

Never ignore any emergency, including those affecting your oral health. Receiving emergency dental care services gets rid of pain and discomfort instantly. It also lowers the risk of causing severe damage to your oral health. Team Emergency Dental is available 24×7, ready to direct you to an experienced dentist.

Call us right away at our toll-free number, 888-941-8655. Our highly trained staff would offer a wide range of dental care services in Cape Coral, FL, as well as guide you with providing first aid to your ongoing oral health issues. You can rest assured while we schedule an appointment with a certified dental specialist at an affordable price.

What Does A "Dental Emergency" Mean?

A Dental Emergency is any problem that affects the oral cavity, i.e., teeth, soft tissues, and jawbones, and requires the immediate attention of an emergency dentist. Oral pain and discomfort are the most common signs of a dental emergency. But don’t stay still if you’re experiencing an oral health issue without any pain. 

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First Aid and Dentistry Services in Cape Coral, FL

Broken Tooth

As you wait for the dentist’s appointment, apply a cold compress over your mouth where your tooth’s broken off. This both alleviates the pain and reduces facial swelling. 

The treatment option your dentist will use will depend on the type and severity of the fracture or break.

  • The oral health expert may fix the break with a tooth-colored filling.
  • They may place a dental crown over the fractured tooth.
  • They may perform a root canal procedure if the injury has extended to the pulp chamber or an emergency tooth extraction if the affected tooth has suffered permanent damage.

Partially Dislodged or Knocked-Out Tooth

A fall on a hard surface, sports accident, or car accident can leave your tooth partially dislodged or avulsed. This dental emergency can subject you to unbearable pain, confusion, and disorientation. You should, however, try your best to remain calm. Your response after knocking out your tooth will determine if your dentist can save it.

Hold the partially dislodged tooth in your mouth until you can get to a dental clinic. For a lost tooth, look for it, retrieve it, and then, holding it by the crown, rinse it to remove any dirt. Try to reinsert it into the tooth socket if you can. Support it by biting it with other teeth gently. Alternatively, preserve it by keeping it in a tiny container of cold milk or salt water.

A cape coral dentist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. They will disinfect the area and replant the avulsed tooth. If you have replanted the tooth yourself, they will check if it’s been placed properly. They will then use a splint to support it with adjacent teeth.

Note that the more you wait, the lower the chances of saving your broken tooth. Generally, you have up to an hour after the incident to get to an emergency dental clinic near you.

Tooth Abscess

An abscess is a serious dental condition arising from a bacterial infection. It usually causes the development of a pocket of pus in any area close to a tooth, at the apex of the root, or in the gums. Untreated tooth decay, trauma, or damaged dental work are some of the causes of a tooth abscess.

The first-aid measures include applying a cold compress over the problematic area and taking over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Do not try draining the abscess at home. That task requires dentistry skills and equipment.

Your dentist will use the right tools to drain any visible pockets of pus and disinfect the area. They will then give you medications to prevent post-treatment infections. An emergency root canal procedure would be necessary to treat an abscess that has spread to the tooth pulp.

Severe Toothache

A sharp toothache that lingers for a long time may be a sign of infection. It could also indicate a trapped food fragment. An OTC painkiller can minimize the pain until you get the required treatment. Flossing around the painful tooth can provide immediate relief if this is caused by a stuck object.

Emergency dentists usually examine the affected tooth before determining the best treatment plan. If the pain arises from a stuck food fragment or object, dentists will use special dentistry instruments to remove it. Emergency dentists may need to perform a root canal procedure if the pain stems from an infected pulp chamber.

Broken Braces

Braces or dentures usually break due to accidental drops and incorrect fitting. Seek immediate help from a dentist near you if this breaks. Do not attempt to put on a broken denture.

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