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Emergencies can occur at any moment, and dental emergencies are no exception. A dental emergency can strike just as you are having your meal. You may accidentally bite a harder than normal food substance, resulting in a crack in one of your teeth. When this happens, you have little wiggle room to make a solid decision.This is compounded by the persistent toothache you may be feeling at the moment. At this moment, all you need is emergency dental care. If you don’t have a dentist on speed dial, do not fret.We specialize in emergency dental referral services. Give us a call at 888-771-4655, and we will connect you to an accredited dentist near you.

Get Emergency Dental Services in Bronx, NY

If you are struggling to find a trusted emergency dental care professional near you in Bronx, NY, in the online pages, look no further. Upon contacting us at our office number 888-771-4655, our highly efficient team will quickly connect you with a dental office near you.

We will guide you through every step of the way to ensure that you get same-day appointments with one of the Bronx emergency dentists. This will greatly save you time that is mainly wasted while searching for a reliable dentist. If a dentist near you has no problem with walk-in patients, this becomes a plus.

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Common Dental Emergencies in the Bronx Area

Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth, then you definitely need to visit an emergency dental care office near you. A tooth infection may result in a dental abscess. If a tooth infection is left untreated, it may cause more health complications. It can cause gum invasion and nerve endings damage.

An infected tooth is characterized by sharp pain and sometimes fever. Do not hesitate to call us if you suspect that you have an infected tooth. Our associates will connect you to a dental specialist near your location.

Bleeding Teeth or Gums

If you notice any bleeding in your oral cavity, seek emergency dental services immediately. Do not delay calling your dentist as you may be having gum disease or gingivitis. In addition, if you notice that your saliva has the presence of blood, visit a dental specialist.If you are struggling to locate a Bronx dentist near you, just give us a call at 888-771-4655. Our professional team in the Bronx office will promptly refer you to a dentist near your Bronx home.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Getting involved in an accident, such as falling downstairs or crashing with your bike, may sometimes result in a knocked-out or broken tooth. It is a painful experience that requires urgent dental care. Fortunately, your knocked-out tooth can be re-attached.You only need to preserve the tooth carefully. An urgent care professional then performs a procedure to reinstate the tooth. The success of this procedure depends on how quickly you visit an urgent dental care clinic.If you do not have a dental emergency professional on speed dial, call our number 888-771-4655 immediately. We will ensure that you find a dental specialist near you for urgent dental care.

Broken Jaw

Traffic accidents, sports injuries, and falls are the main causes of a dislocated jaw. If you have a broken jawbone, visit a dental clinic immediately. A broken jawbone can cause misalignment of your teeth, and only a dental specialist can handle the condition.

Call our office if you have a dislocated jawbone. We will find you an emergency dentist near you who will fix your broken jawbone. We always ensure that we get our client’s same-day appointments. If dental emergencies cannot wait, why should we?

Ways to Prevent Different Types of Dental Emergencies in the Bronx

Although dental injuries are inevitable, there are measures you can take to reduce dental issues. They include:

Proper Dental Hygiene

Strictly observing proper dental hygiene is the most recommended method to keep your teeth healthy. It also reduces the mouth infections that can mutate to more complex dental problems if left untreated.

Regular Visits to Dental Health Professionals

One way to continue having healthy teeth is through regular visits to your dentist. A dentist can easily identify a dental problem and treat it before it develops into an emergency. The dental specialist can also advise on the best type of food to consume for healthier teeth.

Wear Protective Gear

While engaging in high-risk physical sports, always wear protective gear. The gear will guard your teeth against injuries that may result in their loss or cracks. Visit your dentist to get a customized mouth guard if you routinely engage in physical sports.

If you can’t get a dentist near you, call our office. We will refer you to an accredited dentist near your area for emergency treatment.

Why Choose Our Emergency Dental Referral Services?

We are the leading emergency dental referral services provider in Bronx, NY. It is by no luck that we top the charts. We uphold the highest level of professionalism when dealing with our patients. Our pool of referral dentists in the Bronx area is highly trained, and you can be assured of quality dental care.

We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. Do not fret if you have a dental emergency, even in off-hours. Our professional team is always available at any given moment to help you find a Bronx emergency dental expert near you.

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