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Dental emergencies, such as a broken or cracked tooth, can occur at the most inconvenient time. These emergencies can happen during weekends when you are hanging out with friends or during the odd hours of the night. When an emergency dental situation arises, you need urgent emergency dental care. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention from your dentist.If you experience a dental emergency during off-hours when your regular dentist is closed, call us. Our emergency helpline is 888-771-4655. One of our caring and customer professionals will pick up your calls and promptly refer you to a dentist near you. Emergency dentists in our directorate are highly trained and adequately equipped to handle all dental emergencies.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any dental issue that is characterized by extreme pain, swelling, and/or excessive bleeding. Chipped or broken teeth, broken braces, and knocked-out teeth are some examples of dental emergencies.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Dental Referral Service in Baltimore

Our emergency dental referral services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand that a dental concern, such as a tooth or oral infection requires immediate treatment. If you can’t find an emergency dentist in your Baltimore area, do not panic. Call us immediately at our service line 888-771-4655. We will direct you to the best dental care clinic near you.

Our partner, 24/7 dentists in Baltimore, are known to provide top-quality dental care services. They are also knowledgeable in their practice and hold American Dental Association membership. Be it a damaged crown or a knocked-out tooth; you will feel virtually no pain when they are fixing your issue.

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Common Dental Emergencies in Baltimore, MD

Knocked-out Tooth

If you have an avulsed tooth, seek urgent care right away. An avulsed tooth has a very short lifespan. Typically, you have up to 30 minutes to have the tooth re-implanted. If you delay in seeking urgent care, you may easily lose your tooth.

There are several safety measures you can take after getting your tooth knocked out. Rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply an ice pack or cold compress on the cheek near the avulsed tooth. A cold compress helps to reduce swelling. These are just temporary measures to alleviate pain as you wait for a 24-hour dentist to see you.

Ensure that you find and carry the knocked-out tooth with you to the emergency dentist’s office. You can preserve the tooth in a cup of milk or salty water. If you are struggling to find an urgent care clinic, call us right away. Our friendly referral pros will help you locate an emergency dental clinic in your neighborhood.

Tooth Infection

A tooth infection is characterized by unbearable pain. This excruciating pain may indicate that the tooth has a deep cavity. If you have an infected tooth, call us right away. Our caring referral specialists will promptly find you a walk-in clinic near you. If bookings are to be made, our specialists will help you get same-day appointments. An emergency dentist in Baltimore, MD, will do a thorough check of your teeth and identify the decayed tooth. The dentist may recommend a filling or root canal therapy.

Gum Bleeding

Contact sports, such as boxing or football, are the primary causes of traumatic dental injuries. These injuries can result in swelling and sometimes bleeding of your gums. If you have a traumatic dental injury that results in your gums bleeding, seek treatment immediately. Give us a call right away at our number 888-771-4655, and we will promptly connect you with an emergency dentist near you. Seeking treatment right away prevents further complications.

An injured gum provides a perfect environment for bacterial infection. Dentist will first disinfect and suture the injured area. Do not hesitate to call our hotline if your gum is bleeding from whatever cause. Our office team is there to serve you.

Lost Crown or Filling

If your crown or tooth filling is loose or it accidentally dislodges, call us right away. Our referral pros will quickly pair you with an emergency dentist near you. We will walk with you on every step, ensuring that you receive quality emergency care. The dentist will restore the filling or crown within no time. We take our clients’ oral health with the utmost seriousness it deserves. This explains why we are always open even past normal business hours. We are here to ensure that you always get quality emergency dental care where and when you need it.

Dealing With a Dental Emergency in Baltimore

Most dental disasters strike at the least expected time. When they strike, you rarely have time to organize your thoughts for a proper response. When dealing with a dental emergency, avoid panicking. Instead, always seek emergency dental services right away. If the emergency situation occurs at odd hours, call us right away. We will offer you a list of emergency clinics near you. Most dental clinics in Baltimore are mostly open during the day. During off-hours, your regular dentist is more likely to have closed.

Dental emergencies involve extreme pain. Try to remain calm when you have one. Some dental concerns, such as tooth decay, can be easily caught earlier through check-ups. Regular check-ups can help avoid such dental issues.

Have No Dental Insurance Plan? Do Not Worry

When you call us, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent referral services. We guarantee our patients same-day appointments with our partner emergency dentists. Once you have received the much-needed dental care, you can pay using your dental insurance or credit card. Our partner dentists have flexible payment options, which make it convenient for our referral clients to get quality emergency dental services. If you lack dental insurance cover but have cash, you can still make the payments.

Why Choose Our Referral Service in Baltimore to Find a Walk-In Dentist?

That we are the leading emergency dental referral service in Baltimore is a vindication of our quality referral solutions. We are available 24 hours a day. This allows our office team to always make same-day appointments for our valued patients. Our referral specialists are highly trained, friendly, and professional. They provide high-quality referral services.

Once you call our emergency helpline, we will guide you every step of the way. We understand that dental emergencies such as a knocked-out tooth require immediate dental care. Even if there is no walk-in clinic in your home area, we will still schedule an emergency appointment for you.

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