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Are you searching for an emergency dentist? Perhaps you are dealing with a loose tooth. Or maybe you have developed a severe toothache past normal business hours. No matter what the dental emergency you are dealing with is, you can count on us. Team Emergency Dental has a trusted emergency dental professional for you during the day, at night, on weekends, or on public holidays.

Our team enables you to get the right treatment within the hour of the incident. Call us today at 844-700-1220 to schedule an appointment with the nearest dental Clinic. Of course, our helpful team will need information about your location and the dental issue in question to link you with the right specialist for your oral health care treatment. 

Where Can I Get Experienced Dental Care Services in Aurora, IL?

Aurora offers unmatched outdoor adventure to both locals and visitors. As you might already know, dental emergencies are unpredictable. You need to know where you can look for a treatment if you are facing a dental emergency. Your options for urgent dental care in this beautiful city include the following: 

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24-Hour Dental Clinic

These 24-hour dental clinics are instrumental in addressing emergency dental issues that arise after and before normal business hours. These clinics are also available for regular dentistry appointments during normal office hours. Call our dental hotline for help booking a same-day appointment with the nearest emergency dental office. 

On-Call 24-Hour

Aurora also has a few on-call 24-hour emergency dentists. They have office hotlines operated by dental assistants. These assistants serve as a link between dental patients and on-call emergency dentists during emergencies. They help patients schedule emergency visits whenever they are facing true dental emergencies. Our listing has several on-call 24-hour emergency dentists with whom we can link you during a dental crisis. Don’t hesitate to call our office when you need immediate treatment. 

After-Hour Dentist Open Saturday or Sunday

These dental offices do not follow the regular 9 AM- 5 PM schedule. They usually stay open for extended hours from Monday to Friday. Some after-hour offices open Saturdays or Saturdays for a couple of hours. 

After-hour dentists offer convenience to those with tight schedules. If you have a dental situation that can wait until after 5 PM, then an after-hour dental clinic is your best choice. You just need to call the office and set an after-hour appointment. 

Common Dental Emergencies in Aurora, IL

Knocked-out Teeth

About 5 million teeth get knocked out every year. Most of these injuries are sports-related. Correct emergency action can mean the difference between a successfully replanted or damaged tooth when you or a family member suffers this in an accident. According to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), an avulsed tooth stays viable for only 30 minutes.

Ensure you make an emergency walk-in dental appointment soon after you suffer a knocked-out / avulsed tooth. Bring the properly preserved tooth to the emergency dentistry appointment. 

Preservation options for an avulsed tooth include keeping the tooth in a small container of salt water or cold milk. It also includes placing the tooth back into its socket and stabilizing it with your other teeth. Another option is to put the tooth inside your mouth and keep it soaked in saliva. Don’t forget to rinse the tooth carefully while holding it by the crown before you place it in your mouth. 

Severe Tooth Pain

Does your toothache when you chew? Or does it hurt when you take a cold or hot drink? Visit an Aurora dental office to get the underlying problem identified and treated. Meanwhile, you can take a painkiller or apply a cold compress to relieve your pain before your emergency appointment. Your dentist will take X-ray images to detect the issue causing your pain. It could be a chip, cavity, or dental infection. 

Cracked, Broken, or Chipped Tooth

A broken, chipped, or cracked tooth requires urgent dental care. Don’t ignore this problem even if the affected area isn’t painful or sensitive. Leaving the chip, crack, or break untreated exposes the tooth’s inner layer to infection and increases the risk of permanent damage.

Broken Dentures

A broken denture can wait until your regular nearby dentist becomes available. You may, however, require emergency care if you are experiencing extreme pain. 

Other dental emergencies you might face include:

  • Swollen gums 
  • Dental abscess 
  • Loose or broken dental crowns, fillings, or braces 
  • Oral bleeding 
medical dentist procedure of teeth polishing

Our Dentist Appointment: What Should You Expect?

You will complete some forms and offer dental insurance information upon arriving at the emergency dentistry office. Co-payment might be necessary. But that will depend on your dental insurance plan. Emergency appointments usually involve some waiting times. The length of the waiting time depends on the seriousness of your dental issue. The waiting time may also depend on the number of patients with scheduled appointments. 

In the treatment room, the dentist will inquire about your dental problem. They will take some notes and then conduct an X-ray of the injured or affected area. Emergency dentists usually use local anesthetic agents before the exam to keep patients calm and comfortable. 

The dentist will examine the images upon receiving them and determine the best way to treat your issue. They may inject you with pain-relief medication if you are experiencing severe pain. 

The treatment recommended will depend on the cause of your dental emergency. Some dental procedures like emergency tooth extraction, dental crown placement, and root canal treatment may need follow-up appointments. 

Team Emergency Dental has established itself as the most reliable dental service in Aurora, IL. We are ready to pair you with a trusted emergency dentist in your moment of need. Contact us at 844-700-1220, and we will make sure that you receive the right immediate care. 

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