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Dental trauma can occur in the most inconvenient of moments. They strike when least expected, resulting in unbearable pain and normal routine disruption. For instance, you could be enjoying a sumptuous evening meal with your family and accidentally bite a hard substance that either cracks your tooth or lacerates your gums. Or you may get one or more of your teeth knocked out while playing a football game with your friends. In addition to experiencing sharp pain, you will also deal with the stress of finding proper emergency oral health care services.

Fortunately, We offer quick and reliable dental care services in Anchorage, Alaska. We help you save the valuable time you may spend looking for an emergency dentist. Do not hesitate to call our office at 888-461-7274 to receive the best treatment for you or your loved one as soon as possible.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Any severe dental pain, oral ulcerations, and soft tissue injuries constitute a dental emergency. Other instances include experiencing prolonged swelling after your cavity filling, facing excessive bleeding after a wisdom teeth extraction, and getting a dental fracture while performing an adventurous activity. Swift actions during emergency treatment are instrumental in reducing the chances of experiencing more severe oral health complications. A traumatic incident, such as bleeding teeth and gums, abscess or cavity, requires the attention of a professional dentist right away.

Even if you experience a mild toothache, don’t ignore it. This usually signifies the presence of a serious underlying dental condition like gum decay or an oral infection. Seek immediate dental care if you feel a sharp ache when opening your mouth. In addition, if you feel discomfort when taking hot or cold drinks or food, it is time to schedule an appointment with a local dentist. 

You may relieve your discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Even avoiding cold or hard foods may alleviate your tooth pain. You can also apply a cold compress on the outer side of your cheek near the affected area. However, these remedies are temporal. You need to visit a dental center soon for a thorough examination and treatment in order for it not to get worse.

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Critical Tips on How to Prevent Dental Emergencies in Anchorage, AK

Knocked-out or Avulsed Tooth

One of the most common causes of an avulsed or knocked-out tooth is blunt impact or trauma to the face. You may experience this from tripping and falling or from engaging in highly physical sports such as football or volleyball. 

It is said that a dentist can place a knocked-out tooth within one hour of arrival. So the sooner you reach out, the more chances you have of saving your smile. Call us for professional assistance if you face any difficulties finding a dental care office.

Trip and fall accidents may be hard to prevent. That does not mean you are helpless. Always wear full protective gear when engaging in highly physical sports, such as boxing or football. Remember to buy a mouthguard or a sprint that perfectly fits you. 

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Enamel is the hard outer layer of your teeth. It is primarily the hardest substance in your body. It is even stronger than your bones. This is why you can easily chew carrots, as well as roasted chicken. 

In unfortunate instances, such as tripping and falling, your teeth can crack. In addition, biting hard food substances can cause chips, cracks, or even minor fractures. When experiencing a cracked or broken tooth, seek emergency dental services immediately. 

Avoid biting hard food substances, such as ice, to prevent broken or chipped teeth, and use scissors to open packages. We highly recommend that you have an optimal oral health diet by adding calcium, vitamin D, and other minerals and vitamins to it. Also, rinse your mouth with warm water after having an acidic or sugary meal; this reduces the bacteria in your mouth and indirectly reduces the chances of cracking a tooth. 

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If you have ever experienced a toothache, you understand the discomfort it brings. And so, you must know that you need to relieve this pain as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to visit a dental care clinic if you feel any mild or severe discomfort. Contact us if you are struggling to find one. Our courteous dental office team is always available and will quickly suggest you to a walk-in dentist in Anchorage and answer any other issues and queries. 

A toothache mainly results from severe dental decay, damaged filling, or ulceration. After visiting an emergency care dentist, they will first examine your tooth to identify the root cause of your pain. They may then recommend a simple filling or a root canal procedure. The dentist may recommend an emergency extraction of a severely decayed or damaged tooth.

Regular visits to a dentist may prolong the lifespan of your teeth. During the visit, they can identify and treat conditions that can permanently damage your teeth. Maintain proper oral health to reduce frequent emergency dental situations.

Oral Infection

An oral bacterial infection is characterized by ulcerations, redness, and sensitivity in the affected region. An abscess arises when bacteria spreads inside your tooth, forming a painful pocket of pus. This may infect your nerves, resulting in excruciating pain.

If you are experiencing this, don’t let it get untreated; visit your nearest dental clinic or a medical center that offers emergency dental work. If you’re unable to find a dental specialist in Anchorage, call us for professional assistance. We’ll make sure that you see a dentist by scheduling an emergency appointment immediately. 

To prevent bacterial infections, brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes per session, as well as floss once every day. These oral hygiene practices remove all food debris stuck in your mouth and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria. 

If you love sweets, tone down their consumption. Go easy on the sugar, as bacteria tend to feed on it. Too much sugar causes them to proliferate and can easily cause oral decay. Breaking down your sugar meals into small portions and having them at 30 to 45-minute intervals reduces the chance of acquiring decay. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Your lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue constitute your soft tissues, and any cut, bruise, or punctures are said to be soft tissue injuries. 

Other than work and sports-related injuries, biting down too hard or chewing sharp or hard foods can cause such injuries. If you face this, rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent future bacterial infections. 

An easy way to prevent soft tissue injuries, other than having a mouthguard while playing a sport, is to pay attention while you’re chewing your food or talking. Don’t apply too much pressure while eating.

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It is important to seek an emergency dentistry office to resolve your issues and provide the best care you need. Our specialists are available 7 days a week to help you whenever you need to see an emergency dentist. Our toll-free phone number is 888-461-7274. Call any time you need to book an appointment.

Before you leave your appointment, make sure to take your health records, which should include your past and current medications. Carrying your records will benefit you when you need to speak about any dental phobias with your dentist. Also, to prevent costly visits, have your dental insurance with you during the consultation or therapy.

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