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No one can anticipate experiencing a dental emergency. You can develop sudden tooth pain or gum laceration at 4:00 a.m. Your child can get one of his or her teeth knocked out while engaging in a sports activity at school. Or, your dental filling or crown can fall out or become loose after a tiring day at work. You need immediate care to restore your oral health and that of your child in such circumstances.Finding a dentist in Amarillo, TX, is often a long and frustrating process. This is especially true if you opt to search on your own. The process becomes swift and hassle-free when you call our office, Team Emergency Dental. We can direct you to a dental services clinic near you in no time. Just call us at 888-461-7274 right now to receive emergency dental care.

What Makes us Different from Other Dentists in Amarillo, TX

An Extensive Network Providing the Best Dental Care For Patients

Our team provides immediate attention through our professionals and offices in Amarillo and the surrounding territories in Texas. This means we can find an open dentistry office within seconds and thus help you schedule an emergency appointment without the stress of a lengthy search.

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24/7 Availability

We recognize dental problems; do not take a break just because regular clinics have closed. As such, we are always available to offer you the emergency treatment you need. You can always call our toll-free phone number, 888-461-7274, to schedule an appointment. 

A Team at Full Smile

Our team of professional specialists is courteous and compassionate. They answer your call swiftly, listen to your issue, and jump into action immediately. They ensure you receive urgent dental care as soon as possible. They can also book same-day appointments.

Valuable Information

Our website offers you insightful information regarding how to provide immediate dental care as well as prevent dental emergencies. It also guides you on how to select the best dentist for your oral health needs.

Licensed, Knowledgeable, and Reputable

We will only suggest licensed, experienced, and reputable dental professionals in Amarillo, TX. They are all members of the American Dental Association (ADA) and Texas Dental Association (TDA).

5 Types of Dental Emergencies


Never ignore persistent, unbearable toothaches. They often indicate an underlying problem, such as a cavity, decay, or infection. Let us suggest you to one of our professional dentists for emergency care. Meanwhile, rinse with warm water and floss to remove any food that’s stuck. Taking an over-the-counter painkiller like acetaminophen or ibuprofen helps alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

You can break or chip a tooth if you accidentally bite a hard substance while enjoying your meal. This dental emergency can also occur if you use your teeth for the wrong function. Like for instance, using your teeth to tear open packages can expose them to higher risks of cracking or chipping. Always use scissors and other appropriate tools to open packages.

Visit an emergency dental office immediately after suffering a chipped or broken tooth. Leaving the dental injury untreated can cause bacterial infection to enter the pulp. The outcome will be more invasive procedures, such as root canal treatment. A dental extraction may also be necessary if the affected tooth gets permanently damaged.

Gather the pieces of your tooth and keep them in cold milk as you prepare to visit one of the Amarillo emergency dentists. Apply an ice pack over the injured area to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Knocked-Out Tooth

You can’t afford to waste time if your tooth gets knocked out in a car accident or sports injury. A dentist can re-implant a knocked-out tooth if you arrive within an hour of the incident. You must follow these steps to keep your tooth alive:

Grabbing the tooth by the crown, rinse any noticeable debris on it and then try to place the tooth back in its place (never ever force it in, and definitely not do this if it is a baby tooth). If this procedure fails, preserve the tooth in a small container with salt water or cold milk. You can also keep it in a tiny container of your saliva.


An abscess usually affects the tooth’s root or the gap between the teeth and gums. The formation of pus-filled pimples on the gum is the most common symptom. This infection requires emergency treatment to safeguard surrounding tissue and to prevent severe damage. Immediate oral care also prevents the infection from spreading to other body parts. An over-the-counter painkiller can help alleviate the pain as you wait for your turn to see an emergency dental professional.

Jaw Fractures

A common dental trauma, a broken jaw, can be caused by a motor vehicle accident while playing sport or even by a simple yet unforeseen fall. At this moment, you need emergency dental care. Call us, and we will direct you to a professional dentist as soon as possible.

Preparing for an Emergency Dental Appointment

Call in advance to determine if the dental clinic accepts your health insurance. Inquire about other available payment plans. Doing this before the actual visit avoids surprises.

Gather all your medical records, dental records, and insurance information. Bring along these documents during your visit. Your dentist will look at these documents, especially recent dental records, when deciding the best treatment plan for your condition.

Be at the reception of the dental office 10 or 15 minutes early. Take your time to complete any crucial paperwork. Rest on one of the comfy couches in the waiting room. You can read one of the reading materials you find there. Doing this will help you stay calm as you wait for your turn to be seen.

Let your dentist know if you have a dental-related phobia. Also, inform them of your allergies and any medications you might be taking.

Our services are open to cut short the exhaustive process of locating emergency dental care services in times of distress. Contact us at 888-461-7274 to book an appointment.

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