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Dental emergencies are usually inconvenient. They often leave you anxious, stressed, and confused when they happen. The situation becomes even more complicated when you cannot locate a conveniently located open emergency dentist in Akron, Ohio. The positive news is that our referral service removes stress from emergency dental situations by helping you receive emergency dental services on time. 

We have researched extensively and identified all dental emergency services providers in Akron, Ohio. That means we have a detailed listing of emergency dentists and dental offices in Akron and nearby areas. You can locate an open Akron emergency dentistry practice with a single call to our emergency line 844-700-1220. 

Signs of Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Many patients do not know when to visit an emergency dentist. They also do not know when to wait for their regular dentist to open. They end up making night trips to emergency dental clinics for problems that could wait until normal office hours. They may also delay treatment for urgent dental needs that require immediate care. The following are signs of common dental emergencies in Akron, Ohio: 

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Sudden Pain

Serious dental concerns can cause you to experience severe tooth pain that disrupts your life. This pain starts in your mouth and often travels to your jaw, ear, neck, or whole body. Your discomfort increases tenfold when you try to rest on your back.

This unprovoked pain or discomfort can be a sign of a serious infection. Visit an urgent care clinic immediately for prompt treatment. The practitioner will administer medications to eliminate the pain instantly. The practitioner will examine the tooth and take a couple of X-ray images to diagnose the problem. He or she will finally treat the underlying problem. 


Do you have swelling in your gums or face? If so, you need to see an emergency dentist promptly. Swelling is a common sign of an infection. If left untreated, the infection can worsen and spread to the rest of the teeth or supportive tissues. It can also enter the bloodstream, spread to the rest of the body, and cause life-threatening health complications. 

Tooth Loss

Schedule an emergency walk-in appointment with an emergency dentist in Akron, Ohio, if you have a loose or knocked-out tooth. You can keep the tooth viable and get it replanted if you act fast and decisively. 

Your emergency dentist will walk you through the steps of prolonging the lifespan of a knocked-out tooth. Generally, these steps include holding the tooth by the crown, running tap water over it to remove dirt, and soaking it in a small container of milk. Do the same if you are dealing with chipped or broken teeth. 

Be sure to arrive at the walk-in dentist’s office as soon as possible. Remember, successful replanting or repair depends on how soon a dentist can treat you. 

Severe Pain Along with Jaw Clicking or Popping

A clicking or popping sound from your jaw usually isn’t something to worry about. It becomes a problem when severe pain accompanies the clicking or popping sounds. Seek prompt dental treatment if you are experiencing such an emergency. 

If you have, however, suffered a broken jaw and other head injuries after a sports accident, visit the nearest hospital emergency room (ER). The ER practitioners will stitch any open wounds and repair any broken bones. They will then refer you to a dentist’s office for any dental injuries suffered. 

Dental Emergency FAQs in Akron, Ohio

My Toothache Has Suddenly Disappeared. Do I Need Immediate Dentistry Services Still?

Yes, seek emergency dental care even when your severe toothache disappears. Toothaches often indicate an infection has spread to your tooth’s pulp chamber and nerves. Ignoring the infection can result in serious dental health issues, including permanently damaged tooth or bone loss. An issue that could be solved with a filling could end up requiring emergency tooth extraction.

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Are Dental Emergencies Preventable?

Yes, most dental problems are preventable. You simply need to take care of your oral health and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of common dental concerns. That way, you will know how to identify a problem and when to see your dentist. Some tips for preventing dental emergencies include: 

  • Brushing twice daily:You can do it in the morning immediately after waking up and at night before sleeping. Be sure to brush for up to two minutes every session. Replace your toothbrush if it appears worn or every two to three months.
  • Flossing once daily:Flossing allows you to clean tooth surfaces that are hard to reach with the toothbrush. 
  • Cutting your sugar consumption or avoid it altogether if possible. 
  • Seeking dental care regularly. 
  • Getting cracked or chipped teeth repaired promptly.
  • Wearing a fitting and stable mouth guard during sports or activities involving plenty of physical contact.

Don’t waste time calling around or Google searching for emergency dentists near you when you are in an emergency dental situation. Instead, call our helpline 844-700-1220 for a prompt connection with one of the open Akron emergency dentists near you. 

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